So, Happy +10 Inventory Day

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Yeah, I still play.

I just keep getting distracted.  By work and real-life.

And, I doubt anyone would be interested in the ramblings of some angry tarutaru who hardly does much in-game outside of crafting and fishing. (:p) *lol*

Would be nice if I got an actual day off where I didn’t have to do chores.  I got an all-in-one printer, so I have access to a scanner.   Since I can’t stand my tablet, I can go old-fashion paper and pencil whenever I draw.

I just need to skip sketching, which ends up looking like a pile of lines.  I’ll try to share scans of what little I’ve done.

Once I get the chance. *lol!!loser*

Happy +10 Inventory Day. (:p)


Dear Square-Enix, About Your FFXI: UC, Abyssea Ed.

•April 28, 2011 • 1 Comment

Dear Square-Enix,

About your Final Fantasy XI: Ultimate Collection, Abyssea Edition, your in-game bonus item, the Destrier Beret, is ridiculously overpowered for a pre-Level 30 player!  How dare you give us a cute headgear that looks like a checked black chocobo golf hat that gives us regen and refresh with auto-reraise, increased skill gain rate, and increased movement speed as long as we’re Lv. 30 and below!  You are making this way to easy to level up!

You were thinking about me, weren’t you?  I am touched – thank you! :)

… but, now I have no excuse to procrastinate leveling my sub-jobs!  You suck. :(



P.S. Nice art for the FFXI: UL, Abyssea Ed. you have there on the Japanese website.

Just a Nice FFXI Video Series: Киска

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On the official FFXI forums, Peape from Cait Sith shared a link to a FFXI video she made.  I wanted to share this wonderful video with ya’ll.  It’s sadly not worth the effort of skimming through the thread this was in: it pretty much became a “feed the trolls” thread.

Киска (kíska)

Operation: Yashima?

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While crafting at a late hour that I shouldn’t be wake at:

What makes this creepy is I just started to read Anime News Network’s article “Evangelion Inspires Real Operation Yashima After Quake“.

Oh, and I saw a note on one of ANN’s articles:

Due to cultural differences, less people donate blood in Japan than in many other countries. The Red Cross is one of several organizations throughout the world who accept blood donations and other contributions.

I may not be wealthy, but I can at least give my blood.  I hope.  I never donated blood before. (@_@) I just hope there isn’t anything wrong with my blood because that would shatter the only way I can easily help others.  I know I’ve had a low iron count, but otherwise – meh, I guess I’m just being a worrywart.

P.S. Yeah, I never noticed PlayOnline’s announcement on March 12.  I’m horrible. (>_<)

Never Tell Me the Odds

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It really seems like a lot of “odd” things have been happening.

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Eorzea – One More Visit For Old Time’s Sake

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I missed my Elezen.  I missed him a lot.

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It Takes Guts to Fish!! (>=O)

•October 10, 2010 • 1 Comment

And Zaldon and his slice-‘n-dicing services.

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