Mog House

Just a reprint of my post about ZAM’s 2010 Mog House Decorating Contest, in case folks wanted to check out my mog house without having to deal with that post.  Not to mention, I can always update and change this page as my mog house gets rearranged.  Might extend the decorating to my mules if I go that crazy… ooo, the temptation.

The full, general view, every time I come home to San d’Oria.

Here’s my bedroom with some red bamboo grass by the “entrance” and a calabazilla lantern by the fireplace.  You’ll find a comfortable mahogany bed with a quaint quilt and a bahut where rests goldfish bowl and some nifty gadgets like the clockwork egg and the lamp egg… wait, why do I have a Windurstian flag?  Where’s my San d’Orian flag?  I know I have one…!

Here is the kitchen – of sorts, framed by some blue and green bamboo grass.  I have my cupboard, tableware set, tea set, blue pitcher, and buffalo milk case here with my 9-Drawer Almirah.  Oh, and there’s my blue VCS plaque from the days I was raising Obsidian Blood.  If you wanna backtrack on my post about him (why, I dunno), here’s when I started, when he hatched, when he became an adolescent, and when he became an adult.  Dunno if I have the heart to go back into chocobo raising for a digger.  It’s time-consuming, obviously, and I’d rather raise the feed myself… ok, and I’m a little sentimental about ole Bloo.

Last on the western side of my Mog House  is my rather.  Empty.  Storage.  With nothing but my cleaning tool set and “Hoary Spire“.

Across from the storage room is, yet, another storage room… with my Jeunoan Flag and my little mannequin wearing the various relic armor that no one wanted from the Dynamis runs I’ve doing with SpiritsEvolution.  Yes, she’s wearing the COR head and SCH body armor, hahaha!  Oh, yeah, she’s wearing the charm and miracle wands with Xiahou’s signature on them, the two wands that cannot be stored (I, otherwise, do have the +1 versions in storage).

This is my “study”, so to speak, also framed by some green and blue bamboo grass.  I have my bookshelf with some plants growing on top.  Naturally, there is a desk with a stationery set on top and a tarutaru stool pulled up to it.  Of course, what’s a study room without a wastebasket? (xD)

Wanted to know who’s bedroom was across from mine!  Why, it’s my moogle’s bedroom, also with some red bamboo grass by the “entrance!  We keep a little water cask by the fireplace – you know, just in case.  My moogle also gets the standard mahogany bed and bahut, with a pretty jeweled egg, a fighting fish tank, and a melodious egg resting on top.  She always did like some of the “prettier” things in life, including my San d’Orian fla – my San d’Orian flag?! So that is where it went!  Thank sneaky moogle!

In case anyone is wondering why your signed furnishings is not on the list and if I had thrown it away, well, I’d be hard pressed to toss any gifts I have.  I keep stuff from the caisson signed by Silentwind to the signed beetle harness by Cygnus (when I have the +1 version) to the stack of melon pies Mugetsu gave as a Christmas gift (which has probably preserved into a fruit cake by now… >.>).  They happen to be stored on a mule, never to be thrown or sold.


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