Vana’diel Tribune Chronicles – A Brief Review

Alright!  Now, I have the time to really look through (and take shots of) my copy of the
FINAL FANTASY XI: XI YEARS Vana’diel Tribune Chronicles!  You can view this in tandem with FFXIclopedia’s collection of the Vana’diel Tribune entries.

Late night blog posts are a bad thing, m’kay?  Especially when you get only 3 hours of sleep? (@.@)


Spent the last couple of hours taking shots of pages from the book and am now nomming on Middle Eastern cheese bread with some spicy red pepper spaghetti sauce to dip it in.

I’m a tarutaru.  You’re damn right I’m gonna sneak in food whenever I can! *lol*


Yon cover of this tome.  Seriously, it’s a tome, and books in this style really get my jollies going.  Have you seen my library IRL?  No?  I’ll get to that, eventually (100 books and counting!).


All the Vana’diel Tribune entries from 2002.04.26 to 2004.07.30.  This is the (ridiculously) thickest chapter.


The various “volumes” in Chapter 1.  There’s a couple pages more that I -um- didn’t get a shot of.


It all began with an entry.  Or, so the legends says.


Hey, remember when Playonline had that Mahjong game?  Or, wait, was that only Japan-side?  Anyhow, there were a few articles (like, 5?) about Tetramaster!  Which I never played and really wish I had.  Come on, SQEX!  Mini-game, whut!


When SAM and NIN were first introduced!  There are more articles for all the other advanced jobs that were progressively added.


Hey, you!  Shall we skillchain?  There were a few more pages about this, but, meh.  I’ve captured 35 shots for you peeps!


Did you know that FFXI originally had thirty-five (35) servers?  By 2011, there are now sixteen (16) servers.  And, with all the server congestion from those higher-tier mission battles, solo Aht Urhgan content, and etc., they want to further merge these! (>_>)


Chapter 2 for the Vana’diel Tribune II, which progressively covered more lore than adventurer basics.


Historic profiles and Atelloune’s Wildlife Files!


Who remembers doing this??  Mwhahahahaha!! (xD) And, who has forgotten the finesse of how? (; ;)


When the Starlight Celebration was first introduced!


Garrison!  Who remembers it? *lol* Good memories – had a friend named Jazn get the coveted Rabbit Charm while waiting out as an extra during one. *lol*


Intimate interview? (o.O)


Some food for thought.  Oh, your puns, dear!


That is, indeed, what you are seeing riding a lizard.


Brigandine!  I need to see if SQEX ever published a book with concept art like this because you’re damn right I will fight for it!  Within reason, of course. (^^) Back away from the book, and no one gets hurt!! (D:<)


Holy flying maces?? (o.O)

2014-04-08s 2014-04-08t

One of the few articles in English, and it ends up being quite poignant.


Um, riddle me this: how the #@%& does a tarutaru catch one of these things?! (@_@)
Oh, right.  Magic.


Entries starting from the Aht Urhgan era and the world of Vana’diel opens up in color.  Ok, not really, but these entries stop being “black and white” and become color prints.


The contents of this section.  More colors, whee. *lol*


The Aht Urhgan jobs introduced!  And, because BLU mages rock, damnit! (:D)


Oh, I fondly remember when chocobo raising was first introduced… fun times (ugh, so cute!). (^^;)


The relationship chart of important Aht Urhgan characters.  And, I have Abbott & Costello’s “Who’s On First” skit stuck in my head.


Now we start getting the Adoulin era entries.  The Adoulin’s Twelve Orders and who was for or against expanding colonization (along with their names in English and Japanese, interestingly enough).


And, where Adoulin’s concerned, you can bet your brass buttons it’ll include Adoulin’s exorcising experts and the Dark Lillies.


Extra!  Extra!  Read all about it!  And, interestingly enough, all outfits are in-game armors.


Some miscellaneous entries.  Probably when the Vana’diel Tribune for a small revival?


Borghertz and Gerwitz profile!


I trust you know these NPCs. *Shantotto-oh-oh-oh!* Yeah, lames puns.  Deal with it. *lol*


The Adoulin entries we have all become familiar with.


Which, honestly, almost nothing new here. It combines mission summaries mixed in the the supplementary reads we periodically see.


And, last, the credits.

I am someone who is an unabashed bibliophile (particularly informational books), so I really enjoyed this.  However, the value of this purchase is substantially more if you can read Japanese, something I admittedly can’t do fluently.  Yet.  Just gotta get off my fataru assy-wassy and enroll in Japanese lanuage classes. *lol* Essentially every pair of pages has one image, so if you’re going to buy it for the pictures, you’re better off skipping it.  However, if you’re into in-game bonuses (refer to my previous entry), then go for it.

Now, to go max out my credit card on more of these little nuggets of info-books, mwhahahaha!


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