It’s So…


Specifically, 1.75 inches thick.



Oh, come on!  How did you expect me not to get this? /laugh. This is an incredibly thick tome.  I would have preferred that this was divided into smaller volumes (three, maybe, per Tribune series?).  It’s hard for me to open this to the fullest for fear of breaking the spine.  It smelled nice, though – I do love the smell of (new) books.

Of course, this came with bonuses, too: the Escritorio and the Decazoom Mk-XI (oh, SQEX, you silly thing, you).



So, while I was mulling over an ingenious concoction of Indian food and pizza (given how some Indian dishes are served with naan, I can totally see how this was brilliant), I noticed something while I was swinging my Escritorio around.

There’s an added effect.


Ink droplets!

I doubt any of my LSmates read this blog ( I hardly post, as is D:), so I’m waiting for the next LS event where we farm up Voidwatch mobs, and I yoink this sucker out on my BLU for staff proc – wait… it’s a polearm.

Gott dangit!!

Oh, wait, I go BLU/PLD on these for Shield Bash, and PLD has Rank E in polearms.

There is hope!! (^^;)

P.S. Oh, yeah.  I’ve ironically been playing PLD a lot.  Big surprise, anyone?  At least for you folks who know me better for my WHM and RDM. /laugh. Been part of a Ark Angel v2 static.  I had mixed feelings about PLD, though.  There had been a lot of hurt involved with building and maintaining this job that I loathed playing PLD.  It’s only recently when -let’s say- “a few stars finally appeared in those darkest nights” that I have been able to shoulder playing PLD (doesn’t help I just rewatched End of an Era to see if I remembered a line or not.  Nope! /laugh. I ought to play that game, anyhow.).

The wounds and scars still hurt, but each time it gets less painful, thanks to those dear “stars”.


~ by aerroenu on April 8, 2014.

6 Responses to “It’s So…”

  1. What’s inside the book? :o

  2. I’m really torn on trying to get ahold of this idea just for the book itself… :X

  3. wyred: Haha, would help if I had some screenshots, right? Here it comes (not that I have the time to enjoy it)!

    chakan: If you’re hardcore and have $30+ to toss, go for it! You definitely would get more value from it if you can read Japanese. So much of it is text. I still find it a joy to look through. At the expense of the spine. (D:)

  4. Aerro… all this time on PLD recently and no talk about the HP changes? :O

    • Yeah, I’m, um… a little short-sighted about that HP boost. Get it? Short? Tarutaru? Boost? Haha!… nevermind. (xD)

      We’ll have to see if I still get one-shotted. (@_@)

  5. i happened to come across your blog and i really enjoyed the nostalgia. i was wondering if you’re still active on this account or if you’ve since retired playing ffxi?

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