Something Incredibly Wrong Happened

Among things, I finally posted on my blog. I’ve procrastinated badly with it (ok, really, I keep letting myself get distracted).  I sometimes wonder if it’s worth me sharing my little escapades or not.  I seem to be part of the shrinking minority who still find some kind of enjoyment in this game.

So, needless to say, I am enjoying something incredibly wrong that happened.  Can you figure it out from these screenshots?



No idea?


Nineball is not wearing subligar.  Or, is he? (:3)

I’m one of the rare folks to be 1 out of “some number less than 50 (maybe? Can’t remember – was a small amount)” on both lik and gugrusaurus.  I sometimes do strange things at night, a rarity being I spent a night or two randomly buying lik and gugrusaurus and trading them to Zaldon to be gutted.  Lik gave me its opal silk very quickly; gugrusaurus, not so much.  Tonight I got struck with the sudden urge and bought a couple of gugrusaurus for kicks, limiting myself to 500,000 gil (they go for 20,000 per).  Lo and behold, my 5th to last one yielded the saber shoot needed for the Ebisu Fishing Rod!

So, I got my fishing rod, right?


To activate the quest, you need to complete the quest-line that allows Zaldon to gut most fish you catch.  In addition to that, you need the fishing key item “Serpent Rumors“, available only to fishers with Rank: Adept (Fishing 78+) and 95,000 fishing guild points.  I am only Fishing 49 (Journeyman) with 4,100 GP. (D:)

This is a huge bummer.  Of course, work and real-life activities nibble a good portion of my time (I’ve been having a bad habit of getting lost in books, too often while in a lovely bath).  In-game, I’ve been trying to weasel into delve shouts to power up my jobs (namely, Blue Mage, Red Mage, Scholar, White Mage, and – maybe Paladin??).  I’ve seriously considered an invitation to a Delve LS set in Central Time (I’m in Eastern) with the only misgiving that they start 10PM my time and run 2-3 hours.  Recent events at work encourage that I get a decent (8-hour! :3) sleep beforehand, so who knows if I end up including power-naps during my lunch hours to compensate for this.  It’s been interesting trying to make time for myself in Final Fantasy XI; leveling fishing wasn’t exactly on the upper part of my priority list (which I need to make to better focus).

There’s a lot going on in my life, along with a couple of deep ruts I’ve fallen into.  I’m slowly climbing my way out, but like anything worth it in life, it’s an annoyingly slow (and sometimes painful) process.  I know with all the hard work I’m putting into it, though, it’s going to build me into a better person.

I will rise above it.


~ by aerroenu on July 30, 2013.

5 Responses to “Something Incredibly Wrong Happened”

  1. Subligar. Definitely more subligar.

  2. Btw, I expect your next blog post to be all about me.

  3. Haha… I never realized you were the person that ran this blog until now!

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