UpDaTe MeAnS oBlIgAtOrY bLoG pOsT1!1!1!

Did that hurt your eyes to read?  Good, ’cause that hurt me to type all that nonsense.

So, while I’m waiting the one hour to finish with the September 2011 update, I figured I’d pop on a gripe or two about the update… because I’m bored and feel like doing some nonsense that no one gives a gil about. (xD)

Before anything else – ZOMG, I FIGURE OUT HOW TO PUT “MORE” TAGS!! … yeah, whatever.

[dev1026] Voidwatch: The Second Chapter
[dev1020] Walk of Echoes Battlefield Adjustments

I don’t do any of those. (D:) Next!

Oh, wait, I do have a comment.

The glossary of game terms on the official homepage has been updated with the latest Voidwatch terminology.

This is your alternative to “no longer updating auto-translate”? (D:)

[dev1023] Dynamis Adjustments
Maps are now viewable in Dynamis areas.
Dynamis maps may be purchased from the same Goblin NPCs who sell prismatic hourglasses.

Alrighty, with me, everyone: holy shitaru, maps. (D:) Maybe I’ll finally be able to finish the Dreamland Dynamis and finally get a Duelist’s Chapeau.  I’ve been sitting on the Duelist’s Chapeau -1 for… yeah, long enough for me to forget when I got it in the first place. (D:)

[dev1022] Fields/Grounds of Valor Adjustments
Players will now be able to set training regimes to automatically repeat upon completion.

Nice of them to do that. Sadly, though, there goes one way of separating the men from the boys (whether someone knows how to invisible/sneak between the Grounds Tomes and camp).

Players may now use the teleport service to teleport to any outpost for which they have completed a supply mission, regardless of their current nation affiliation.

Now, let me get this straight: that means all the outposts that I got as a San d’Orian… I can use as a Bastokan or Windurstian? (D:)

Players may now use Imperial Standing to access runic portals.

Wait, so that means we get to automatically bypass that Tarutaru and all that talk?  About time. (D:)

Red Mage

Spontaneity (Lv.95, Recast time: 10 minutes, Duration: 1 minute)
Reduces casting time for the next magic spell the target casts.

Folks might jump to the whole, “ZOMG, RDM CAN HELP BLM MAKE AM SPELLS FASTAR!!”  Yeah, every 10-minutes. *party-pooper*

White Magic

Holy II (WHM Lv.95)
Deals light elemental damage to an enemy. Afflatus Solace: Increases spell potency based on the amount of HP you restore.

Wow, we finally get Holy II… now, what about Holyga? *lol* WHM ARE SUPPOSED TO CURE NOT NUKE!! (D:)

Temper (RDM Lv.95)
Grants the ability to occasionally attack twice.

This may not make much sense, but it depends on whether it’s on self only or not.  It’s a given if you can cast on party members: anyone who is actively engaged with a mob will make use of this.  But what if it’s a self-only spell?  Whenever I solo and melee as RDM, I make judicial use of my en-spells, so the occasional double-attack will add an extra bit of damage.  Otherwise, this is an unusual spell to give RDM.

Other than that, no real comments about any of the other jobs since BLM, RDM, and WHM are the only three that are 75+.

[dev1024] The following existing spells are now available to additional jobs:

  • White Magic
    • Raise II (RDM Lv.95)
    • Raise III (SCH Lv.91 Addendum: White)
    • Reraise III (SCH Lv.91 Addendum: White)
    • Addle (WHM Lv.93)
  • Black Magic
    • Blizzard III (DRK Lv.92)
    • Thunder IV (RDM Lv.92)
    • Fire V (SCH Lv.91 Addendum: Black)
    • Blizzard V (SCH Lv.95 Addendum: Black)
    • Break (DRK Lv. 95)

Admittedly, the fact that SCH gains Raise III and WHM gains Addle hardly bothers me.  It’s nice to see RDM get Thunder IV – that adds an extra spells I can help the BLM cast for yellow weakness.

  • [dev1027] The stack size for the following items has been changed from 1 to 12:

    Fire Cluster / Ice Cluster / Wind Cluster / Earth Cluster / Water Cluster / Light Cluster / Dark Cluster

  • [dev1027] The stack size for the following items has been changed from 12 to 99:

    Coin of Birth / Coin of Advancement / Coin of Glory / Coin of Decay / Coin of Ruin / Slice of Bluetail / Peeled Crayfish / Slice of Carp / Sardine Ball / Crayfish Ball / Insect Ball / Trout Ball / Meatball / Lufaise Fly / Drill Calamary / Dwarf Pugil / Pebble / Sliced Sardine / Sliced Cod / Peeled Lobster / Lugworm / Little Worm

It’s surprising that now clusters stack.  Makes me wish I never de-clustered whatever clusters i ever got.  I also greatly appreciate that bait can now stack up to 99 – saves tons more space whenever I go fishing!… and, of course: OMG, PEBBLES FINALLY STACK UP TO 99!!… because it never made sense why they never did.  Then, again, my definition of “pebbles” might be smaller than SQEX’s.

[dev1028] Additional exclusive items have been made deliverable to player characters within the same account.

Among the things that I was surprised couldn’t be sent was the Egg Buffet.  I’m glad that’s finally possible because I’ve got four of them.

The price of the Smoldering Lamp sold by the Nashmau NPC Kilusha has been lowered from 180,000 gil to 60,000 gil.

I guess Einherjer may be in my future. (D:)

The list of blue magic spells can now be sorted by elemental type.

My BLU is only at Lv. 44, but I can tell this is a godsend. (:D)

  • The issue where drop rates for the following items were lower than intended:

    Tiger King Hide / Sisyphus Fragment / Jaculus Wing / Goblin Gunpowder

Naw, you think?  After over 6 months of this?

Anyhow, my update’s done, and my fellow LS-mates are having an EXP/merit party in Abyssea.  Ciao-ciao! (:o)


~ by aerroenu on September 19, 2011.

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