Dear SQEX, Fisher’s Torque

In the Outer Horutoto Ruins, I soloed from BLU21 to 40, ran around shooting stuff as RDM for over 6 hours and 50+ successful brown treasure caskets to earn ten cells, a wide range of war aketon parts (including 3 war berets), several crafting items including giant femurs (really?  Really?), and probably over 50,000g of medicines before you finally gave me your fisher’s torque.

I collected stuff from treasure caskets on the surface faster than this thing!  What are you guys doing? *lol* Well, I guess since everyone’s grinding Grounds of Valor like it’s in style, they don’t want the good stuff to drop too easily.

Now, to keep taking advantage of Super Kupowers: Mystery Boxes: Bastok and Windurst…. even though it’s the Sunbreeze Festival and there’s some goldfishing to be done.


~ by aerroenu on August 10, 2011.

One Response to “Dear SQEX, Fisher’s Torque”

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