So, Happy +10 Inventory Day

Yeah, I still play.

I just keep getting distracted.  By work and real-life.

And, I doubt anyone would be interested in the ramblings of some angry tarutaru who hardly does much in-game outside of crafting and fishing. (:p) *lol*

Would be nice if I got an actual day off where I didn’t have to do chores.  I got an all-in-one printer, so I have access to a scanner.   Since I can’t stand my tablet, I can go old-fashion paper and pencil whenever I draw.

I just need to skip sketching, which ends up looking like a pile of lines.  I’ll try to share scans of what little I’ve done.

Once I get the chance. *lol!!loser*

Happy +10 Inventory Day. (:p)


~ by aerroenu on July 14, 2011.

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