Dear Square-Enix, About Your FFXI: UC, Abyssea Ed.

Dear Square-Enix,

About your Final Fantasy XI: Ultimate Collection, Abyssea Edition, your in-game bonus item, the Destrier Beret, is ridiculously overpowered for a pre-Level 30 player!  How dare you give us a cute headgear that looks like a checked black chocobo golf hat that gives us regen and refresh with auto-reraise, increased skill gain rate, and increased movement speed as long as we’re Lv. 30 and below!  You are making this way to easy to level up!

You were thinking about me, weren’t you?  I am touched – thank you! :)

… but, now I have no excuse to procrastinate leveling my sub-jobs!  You suck. :(



P.S. Nice art for the FFXI: UL, Abyssea Ed. you have there on the Japanese website.


~ by aerroenu on April 28, 2011.

One Response to “Dear Square-Enix, About Your FFXI: UC, Abyssea Ed.”

  1. Boo that it’s only if you buy the ultimate collection! Can’t justify buying that when I already have all of the abyssea expansions :< Great for new or returning players though!

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