Never Tell Me the Odds

It really seems like a lot of “odd” things have been happening.

My Limbus LS has gathered Sundays to low-man NMs (with six-seven members) in Abyssea-Misareaux for seals and armor.  On the occasional Tuesday or Thursday night, four-six of us would party up in the Scars of Abyssea areas for shoes.  I have actually been able to get some EXPing done, primarily getting my WHM from 78 to 83.  Of course, in between, I’m crafting up stuff to sell on the AH… even though I already have about a week’s worth of goods to sell. (>.>) I’m pathetic, aren’t I? (^_^;)

But, really, those things aren’t the reason why I’m bothering to make a blog post.  No, two things happened to me in the past week that I never thought would have happened.  Well, one of them I never thought of happening.

Ever since they introduced the Mog Tablets, I always wanted to get a Kupofried’s Ring.  I hardly EXP, and when I do, I typically solo.  On this rare day off, I started seeing mog tablets being discovered while crafting.  I have no idea what compelled me, but I suddenly decided to try to hunt down the tablets, also.  As you see, I doubted that I would find a tablet.  I’ve tried this a couple of times before with no luck (or someone else found it).  Apparently I found the Tablet of Courage since I got an Argent Coat… too bad I can’t wear it.  Now, I just gotta figure out which job I’ll burn it on.  Maybe I’ll burn part of it on SAM; unlike all other jobs, I couldn’t stand leveling it to 10.  At the same time, I ought to get the last five levels on SCH to 50.

Anyhow, the other thing I was wanting to talk about was this:


~ by aerroenu on November 18, 2010.

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