Eorzea – One More Visit For Old Time’s Sake

I missed my Elezen.  I missed him a lot.

I had just gotten back from a painful vacation, and with my free trial expiring soon, I figured that I’d make a final visit with him in Uldah.  Of course, I was pleasantly surprised by two things:

  1. My free trial has been extended by 30 more days, and most importantly,

I have nothing against Final Fantasy XIV, and I never did.  Other than how much it lagged, and that was the only thing that stopped me from extensively playing FFXIV.  I’m not going to slam it for not being perfect on its first introduction, but I’m not going to blindly advocate FFXIV, either.  Is it worth a try?  Now that they made some fixes to the system, definitely!  I’m ecstatic that I won’t have to upgrade any computers or laptops (already done it twice in two years!) in order to play FFXIV.

Besides, I mentioned that FFXIV was promising and that I would have paid for both Final Fantasy XI and FFXIV in a previous blog post. (=p)

BTW, did they add a “screenshot” feature?  I dunno – I’ll find out once I’ve gotten some sleep.  That vacation has wrecked my sleeping schedule! (T-T)

Anyhow, now that the biggest damper on my adventures in Eorzea isn’t as great of a dilemma anymore, I might be popping around over there a little more often.  I’ll definitely be more comfortable. =) Then, again, I still have tons of things I want to do in Vana’diel.  I must be a rare breed in that I still haven’t burned myself out with it.  Granted, I also don’t do endgame nearly as much as 50+% of the Vana’diel population does, either. (;p)

And, I apparently have issues with sharing photos of my Elezen.  Maybe it’s something like I have with my boyfriend: “No!  He’s all mine!! (>=E)” Same goes for my Roegadyn.

Man, I really miss tails on those guys.


~ by aerroenu on October 22, 2010.

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