It Takes Guts to Fish!! (>=O)

And Zaldon and his slice-‘n-dicing services.

But, this post is about a tale, and yes, our favorite Galka has his tail in this tale!  This tale is a tale of three days!  Or more.  I don’t know, but over the span from the last blog post to now, there were three memorable fishing-related days.

So, I have my Lu Shang’s, and what am I going to do with it? I’m going to level fishing! Well, yeah, I can fish for gil, but I’m going to level fishing! And, what can help me level fishing?  Why, the Pelican Ring can! How do we get this ring?  Why, rank in the top twenty in the Fish Ranking Contest!  So, I’m all pumped up – yeah, I’mma go fish me some fish and git me in the Top 20, and git me a Pelica –

We are accepting armored pisces.

… armored pisces caps at Level 103 Fishing.  I’m only Fishing 43.  Forget that!!

So, disheartened little me went back to riding the ferry day and night simply fishing cone calamary, bluetail, and noble ladies.

But, then, two weeks later, I suddenly got the inkling, “Maybe they’ll have something I can fish up… yeah, I’mma go fish me some fish and git me in the Top 20, and git me a Pelica –

“We are accepting sea zombies.”

S-sea zombies?!  They’re just as bad!  Forget that they’re Fishing 100; they only appear when pirates attack the ferry, and I’ve gone days -nights, even- without seeing a bone on the deck!  Forget that!!

So, disheartened little me went back to riding the ferry day and night simply fishing cone calamary, bluetail, and noble ladies.

But, then, I thought, “what harm would there be in trying?  Just for giggles?”  So, one fateful night, with a couple of stacks of meatballs (something my mithran chef insists can be cooked with spaghetti, but I think she’s… not all there sometimes), I stepped onto the ferry in Selbina for an evening of -yet, again- uneventful, quiet, and serene fishing.

Except on the way back to Mhaura, we got attacked by pirates.

Oh, what a frightful clatter of bones and ice that rattled about, but no such chaos could faze little tarutaru red mage me and my fishing!  Not like they made any attempt to bother me.  As familiar as the ferryman was with me, so were the pirates.  They knew well to keep their distance, though I have an inkling if that pirate with the vermillion cloak had been around, he would have picked a fight with me.  Anyhow, lo and behold, it happened.

I only caught two of those buggers, but two was enough!  Never encountered anymore pirates from then until well after the deadline to turn those in.  Of course, one of them was generously “donated” to Zaldon with only a mere 350 gil as a reward.

So, days pass by and more ferry trips until the day of the deadline and Fish Ranking announcements.  Feeling confident that I would make it into the Top 20 Ranks because I had always been the only person on the ferry, I took a few minutes before work to check the results out:

Yeah, I didn’t expect to make it into the Top 3 Ranks. (=D) While my reward money was cut to 7,500 gil thanks to the tie with Zete, I became the proud owner of a pelican ring and the title “Silver Hook”.  Now, what am I going to do with that sea zombie I entered in the Fish Ranking Contest?  The thing has been marked so I cannot enter it, again… let’s give it to Zaldon!! (xD)

Hey, look at that. (o.O)

So, with the dual power of my albatross ring and pelican ring, the rest of my evenings were filled with ferry rides for ultimate fishing skill-ups!!… except over the span of three hours on a new moon phase, I only got 0.3 skill-ups… without the pelican ring. (T-T;) It probably didn’t help that I fished in every bite I got, including those marked with ‘!!!’.  At least most of them were fat gugru tuna, which are nowadays not worth as much as they once were when tuna sushi was first introduced.  With no other idea of what to do with them, I figured that Zaldon wouldn’t mind relieving me of them, even though I’d only get a measly 50 gil per fish.

Huh?! (o.O) Oo, I feel so special! (<3)

Since no one sold any on the Odin server, I figured I’d be one of those jerks who sell something only to buy it back. (xD)

Though, I don’t know if you could call me a jerk because shortly afterwards I created the wikipage for it on FFXIclopedia and shared how to get it. *lol* I even went and took the time to make Zaldon’s “Inside of Belly” page much nicer-looking!  I edited the table from the original static one:

… to this new, nicer one where you can sort by the fish name, skill required to fish, gil reward, and possible item rewards.  Aren’t I so nice? (=p)

Well, nothing much else has happened other than me attempting to farm for my Water IV and Aero IV spells.  I’m not fond of the notion of paying 250,000-300,000 gil per spell.

Though, with all the seals I’ve collected, it probably wouldn’t hurt if I burned through a few BCNMs to make (even more) gil, I guess. (=p)

P.S. Oh, yeah, Happy 10-10-10 Day. (=p)


~ by aerroenu on October 10, 2010.

One Response to “It Takes Guts to Fish!! (>=O)”

  1. Part of what I love about fishing is that it’s entirely possible to fish up stuff that’s far above your current level. Much better than the 5-6 level range on crafting.

    Also you’re my hero for updating fishing stuff on the wiki.

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