What Do Marlin Have to Do with Eorzea?

Absolutely nothing, except I’m going to talk about both in this blog post.

Remember my last blog post about me being naughty and just fishing?  Aside from actually getting into an Abyssea-Vunkerl EXP party off River Murex, reaching RDM85, finally unlocking Paralyze II (bad Tarutaru), and wondering how the hell you people can do these parties longer than six hours, Xiahou and I finally tried out the Pirate’s Chart quest.  We were pretty worried about it being hard to do.  Thankfully, it wasn’t no teeth-pulling.  Two Judgment Bolts did the trick, and  Xiahou’s Ramuh  could have done a Thunderspark so the NMs would go after his Ramuh if mine  died.

So, what did we get?


This is funny to me because a.) when I was talking about the item drops, I mentioned how I highly doubt any of the bait used to help obtain the Ebisu Fishing Rod would drop, which lead to b.) me snorting at the thought of the mercurial kris dropping, and c.) affirming that all I really wanted from this quest was the silly 100%-drop rate ring (yes, I am that simple).  The cherry on top of this sundae was when Xiahou was all, “wow, we got a mercurial kris” and shortly afterwards almost choked at how much the dagger was selling for (2+ million gil currently).  Guess he didn’t know – haha. (xD)

Too bad our attempt at the Brigand’s Chart wasn’t as fruitful.  Strangely enough, I procured it from the third Bhefhel Marlin, again.  While I was able to pull up 3-4 chests, I was a few seconds too late to open the ones past the first chest.  We only got a sky pot… which, I think, was something I subconsciously wanted.  Thank you, Xiahou, for being my sleeper.

Ok, enough of Final Fantasy XI.  What do I have to say about Fiinal Fantasy XIV?

I never noticed the approaching date until my cell phone reminded me to make sure I had money for my pre-orders.  I was paying more attention to the Samurai Warriors 3 release date. (>.>;)

Did I buy the special edition: yes.  Am I going to play it: yes.  Am I going to play it for an extended period of time: no.  I’m probably going to quit after the first free month unless it somehow actually holds my interest… which, outside of the character customization, I highly doubt.  There’s just something that doesn’t get me as excited about it as FFXI did.  Sure, it’s basically a graphically updated version of FFXI-ish… but, I dunno.  Maybe it’s because of the user interface: it’s like every other MMORPG out there, both free and pay-to-play.  I guess that’s a slight turnoff for me because I really love FFXI’s keyboard-friendly interface.  I don’t like the slight delay of moving my hand from the keyboard to use the mouse.  It probably doesn’t help that I have the extra keyboard I hooked up to my laptop laying across my lap (less crouching, more sitting straighter).

Maybe it’s a more deeply rooted reason for me to stay with FFXI.  I’m still enjoying the game, which I’ve yet to be burned out about.  Probably because I hardly do endgame content and run off to do other silly things in the game.  However, I would like to get back into Dynamis so I can finish all the relics I’ve been collecting (gotta catch ’em all!).  I know Xiahou and I are still waiting for Kielee to come back, who’s wanting to do tons  more stuff in FFXI besides dying to the goofiest things.  Maybe what another friend said is true (not verbatim, but essentially):

I’ve invested too much in this game to give it up so easily“.

I can see myself taking a break in FFXIV, but making it my primary MMORPG?  Doubtful.


~ by aerroenu on September 22, 2010.

One Response to “What Do Marlin Have to Do with Eorzea?”

  1. The fishing madness continues!

    I can totally relate to the FFXIV interface woes. I went with a controller in hand since the keyboard was unfriendly but it still felt very cluttered. FFXI’s pieces all fit together very nicely in a way that doesn’t impose on you and it’s one of the things that sets it apart from other MMOs for me. I did read something about SE acknowledging that they need to work on the interface, but I fear it will just be tweaking the “modern MMO” interface they already have rather than going for something like FFXI again.

    It makes me sad because if it weren’t for the interface I could see myself eventually making the jump to FFXIV after I finally burn out on FFXI.

    Oh well, back to fishing ^_^

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