Bad Tarutaru! /newspaper

Instead of spending every chance I get to play on EXPing and trying to get my RDM capped at Lv. 85 (and dragging WHM along)…

Gone fishing!!

On the ferry, where no one can bother me.

Not like that’s been a problem.  There’s no one on the ferry anymore, even on full/new moon phases (best fishing times).  Usually just me, the very rare pirate attack, and Sea Horror, who likes to try to smack me around once in a while when I’m not looking (even at my current level).

I think that was the first time in all my years of encounters that I’ve ever seen it drop its sopping-wet shoes.  The ferry used to be a second home to long-gone fishing friends and me.

I’m pretty happy that within the last few days I’ve decided to relax and fish, I’ve gotten from Fishing 41 to Fishing 44.  Was initially trying to skill-up using minnow to catch bluetails and cone calamary initially in Batallia Downs.  Eventually, I decided that the rare (but still obnoxious) cobalt jellyfish was enough to drive me to fish on the ferry.  I added noble ladies as a third fish I could skill off.  I’ll probably horde this ladies for some cooking recipes.

Then, silly me decided to take the risk of turning my bluetails into slices of bluetail to fish up bhefhel marlin and maybe get one of those charts so Xiahou and I can possibly make some extra money.  I still skill off cone calamary and the one successfully fished-up silver shark, which annoy me as much as bluetails, which I forgot to mention annoy the hell out of me, haha!

Wanna know what else annoys me?

Yeah, I hate it when I don’t pay attention to my typically spacious inventory.

On the bright side, out of ten bhefhel marlin, my third trade revealed a pirate’s chart within!  I’m too afraid to trade in the last seven, so hopefully either after Limbus tomorrow night (probably not) or on Saturday, Xiahou and I will be able to get rid of it.  While the mercurial kris would be nice, I find more personal value from the albatross ring (and the penguin ring from the brigand’s chart).  It’s also awesome that both rings are not “rare” marked, so I thankfully won’t lose any extras for later (and higher-skill) targets.  I’m talking about you fish who pop up on the fish ranking contest (stupid grimmonite and armored pisces).

I’ll probably be at this during my short weeknights (basically nights where I work early the next day, which has been every day except Sunday) until I get tired at how slowly I’m skilling fishing.  When that happens, though, I’ll hopefully be bored enough to solo my main jobs a bit or my sub-jobs to 50… which would practically mean all jobs (might as well drag BST and PUP up there, y’know?). (>_>) I did find a couple of melee jobs fun.  RNG was a blast with Pakurara.  So was DRK, though there’s still a tarnish from a not-so-hot experience on that job.  Really, that experience should piss me off enough to level it.  Same goes for DNC and BLM; yeah, they both have the same tarnish to them, too.  What the hell?! *lol*

Strangely enough, though, I’ve been having a crazy urge to level… NIN?! (>.>;)

<Huh?!> \(o.O)/

Yeah, I dunno.


~ by aerroenu on September 16, 2010.

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