Ain’t No Love For the Mages?

I’m not talking about just Shen and the Reverend Mail, for once. *lol*

The situation that brought that up is Proto-Ultima.  The Limbus LS I’m part of have always had a hard time getting people to actually show up for this fight.  We have tried to 10-man Ultima twice before the 75+ level cap increase only to wipe at 1%. (Yeah, I know, silly me and no screenshots to prove that.)

We have recently been recruiting, and we have at least 15 regularly active members.  We should be able to have them all there for an Ultima fight, right?


We had everyone show up for Proto-Omega everytime.  Everyone was there when we canceled a run to ensure a longtime member could participate. * Everyone was there when we actually did the Omega fight.  However, when it was time to fight Ultima, half the people showed up!  It wasn’t like no one knew this was coming.  Announcements are updated each Limbus run for the next two days (we do Limbus twice in a week).  For a whole week, the announcement was that we were doing Ultima the next Limbus.  Each of those days we were supposed to fight Ultima we ended up farming because not enough people showed up.

Ultimately, the leaders made an ultimatum: we will not do Omega until we get Ultima done.  I appreciate this.  Why is it us mages (who make up half of the LS)always come to your Omega fight but you don’t show up for our Ultima fight?   It stung more because one of the melee (he’s a good friend of a lot of us) blew us off both attempts to gather for Ultima.  He was online doing something else each time.

With how ridiculous is has gotten to get people to come to an Ultima fight, I’m half tempted to blurt out at the next Omega fight “none of you guys ever come when we try to fight Ultima, so if you aren’t going to help us mages get our stuff, I’m not going to help you get yours.”  Only thing that has stopped me from actually sitting out of an Omega fight is because I’m a better person than that.  But, that still won’t stop me from saying something about it, probably. (=p)

* Some background info, a much earlier incident occurred when the member apparently had some misinformation about the time for an Omega fight and missed the Homam Gambieras that dropped. (There were arguments that leaders had tried to contact him, and he never replied, even via text messaging.)


~ by aerroenu on September 12, 2010.

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