An Achievement Noteworthy for its Utter Lack of Meaning

A testimonial to an achievement I made this past Sunday.  Yeah, I’m late on the announcement. (:p)

Went ahead and bought the last 6,000 moat carps I needed to finish this wretched quest.  I could have bought the Lu Shang’s Fishing Rod from someone’s bazaar the very day I decided to burn my gil on this, but if I did that, I wouldn’t have gotten that awesome key item. :( Now, I just gotta fish up my level, and I can confidently fish all the fish my bonecrafter will need to level up!… or fish my chef can cook up for gil!… or for just general gil-making and the Fish Ranking Contests! (:3)

I know, crummy photo.  50% reduction was too small, and 75% wasn’t small enough.  So, I had to compromise with a 60-65% reduction (I can’t remember which one I did).  And I couldn’t be bothered to do anything fancy-smancy… and‘s file-renaming system for images is mildly obnoxious.  Really ought to get off my butt and buy a personal website while I have the chance. *grumbles, lost in thought*

Oh, and, yay.

It’s the Sunbreeze Festival.


So long, suckers!! (:D)

*hides for the duration festival goldfishing.  Except for Limbus.  Or, maybe I can get away with it.  Nah, I’ll be back for Limbus.*


~ by aerroenu on August 4, 2010.

One Response to “An Achievement Noteworthy for its Utter Lack of Meaning”

  1. Congrats, now you can move on to spedning your time in a manner more beneficial to society :P

    I just started that quest and I can’t fathom how you managed to get 4,000 carp into it. It’s a distant but totally awesome thing to complete.

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