Love/Hate the Update

I love the recent update. It seemed to have renewed Final Fantasy XI.  There are now more things to do, even as 75+ players.  My two auction house markets are flourishing more.  Old-fashion endgame events will be easier to lowman, which will make it easier for me to finish and store my 15+ sets of relic armor.

… I was the relic garbage disposal in my last Dynamis linkshell! (xD)

I hate the recent update. Not all arrows and bullets (ok, and a very few bolts) can be compacted into quivers/bullet pouches, though I guess those Lv. 1 ammunitions don’t matter.*  Social obligations state that, instead of crafting to restock my quickly depleting AH stocks (two markets!!), I should level my two Lv. 75 jobs to 80 (RDM and WHM).   Between work and real-life chores (cooking, cleaning, etc.) I don’t get a lot of chances to play FFXI and get five Lv. 75+ jobs like the guy I live with does. I am relieved, though, that leveling post-75 does not involve the exponential wtf-ness that is between Lv. 50 to 70. (>.>)

* BTW, if you’re wondering which ammunition cannot be quivered/pouched, here’s a list of them all.

The following arrows that cannot be quivered (yet, kabura, silver, and sleep arrows can):

The following bullets that cannot be pouched (yet, six other bullets can):

The following bolts that cannot be quivered:


~ by aerroenu on June 26, 2010.

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