One Mage, Two Mage, Three Mage – lolwut?

I started playing Final Fantasy XI in July 2004.  Started as a Red Mage, thinking that I would fight alongside my comrades with sword and magic.  Roughly around RDM24, a party member suggested that I level White Mage as a sub-job for RDM.  I ended up going all the way to WHM75, often the sole healer in many linkshell events.  Over a year after hitting this pinnacle, I eventually hit RDM75, my second Lv. 75 (and mage) job.

Since then, I’ve gotten few jobs leveled literally past 40: Dragoon 41, Ninja 41, and Scholar 41.  Most are below that level: seven below Lv. 20, six below Lv. 30, and one below Lv. 40.  I’ve had a lot of encouragement from Xiahou to level DRG to 75 (naturally: DRG is his favorite job).  There have been a couple of other jobs I’ve wanted to level like Bard, Corsair, Monk, Ranger, Warrior, and etc.  In a nutshell, I would like to level all the jobs.

Recently, I’ve been wanting to level a job that I could solo on faster than RDM.  I could use a job that involves some heavy explosives and good-ole fashion destructive behavior.  That’s why I’ve been working on Black Mage (just recently Lv. 53) recently, hoping to make it my third (mage, lolwut) Lv. 75+ job.

At the behest of Terren, Xiahou is also leveling his BLM, too.  In his mind, he figured it would be easier if we both duoed, especially since we’re going after the beastmen Beastmasters‘ pets.  In actuality, he’s reaping more from our duo than I am.  We originally started near the same amount of EXP, but now he’s almost a full level ahead of me.  It’s not uncommon for the BST to notice us when we grab its pet, and I’m always the puller.  When that happens,  Xia will obliviously continue whatever nuke he’s doing while I’m trying to stun and sleep both the angry BST and its little pet who are promptly dropping my HP from white to yellow, orange, red, then dead.  Ultimately, he gets the EXP from killing the pet and avoids getting aggro from the BST while I reraise to nothing or home point if I didn’t have RR up.

Of course, Xiahou would argue that I am the one not communicating to him.  He would argue that I need to tell him that I’m dying and that I need him to stun and sleep the mob as it’s smacking me around.  So, I need to stop being an idiot and feeling hurt about all this because it’s my fault for not communicating with him that I need his help and how he could help me.

Anyhow, with me aiming to get BLM75, I have thought of being goofy and leveling BLU so that all four of my Lv. 75+ would be the (colorful) mage jobs.  I have played BLU on Xia, and I did enjoy it.  Sure, the spell hunting seems daunting, but Xia was about to get them easy enough.

Speaking of the colorful mage jobs:

Go, go, Power Rangers.

P.S. Anyone notice how RDM, WHM, BLM, and BLU seem to (inadvertently) correspond to the Four Symbols of Chinese Constellations?  Colorwise, anyways?  The Red Bird of the South, the White Tiger of the West, the Black Turtle of the North, and the Blue Dragon of the East? (>.>)


~ by aerroenu on June 17, 2010.

3 Responses to “One Mage, Two Mage, Three Mage – lolwut?”

  1. I’ve been getting better >.>

    I would also like to blame Dirty Jobs… forcing me to not pay complete attention to the goblin smashing your face >.>

    But man, Mike Rowe is hilarious… XD

  2. Maybe you should mention that you’re getting distracted by TV to Matt on your blog. Plus, our Freezes typically go off as together as possible, so I don’t see why you need to /heal to interrupt your Freeze when it typically goes off right after mine and kills the pet.

    But Matt’s right: that camp unforgiving, so I shouldn’t be complaining about how you’ve been getting all the EXP and I haven’t since we’ve been duoing.

  3. omg you two! Drama does not a good blm solo/duo/trio make!

    A few simple solutions to your problems:

    1. If exp difference is a problem – which it shouldn’t be, really, with level sync – have whoever’s ahead lay off the exp ring for a while.

    2. Camps involving one-shots with ancient magic are dependent on a lack of resists. Two resisted Freezes will likely not kill something that one unresisted freeze will; if you’re running into resists, it might be that you need to wait a level for that camp, or you need to update your gear. Unfortunately, blm soloing is equally unforgiving gear-wise; sometimes 2 int makes the difference between life and death.

    3. In a duo, you can stagger Elemental Seal and have a guaranteed unresisted nuke every 5 minutes. Don’t bother saving it for emergencies on something like the pso’xja camp, might as well use it to avoid those emergencies happening, instead of hoping it’ll save you.

    4. SWITCH UP THE PULLING. You both need to learn the pulling ropes anyway, if Aerro’s dying because she’s pulling first most often, it’s time for Aerro to take a break and for Xia to take over.

    And on that note – you guys do pull aggressively in a group – and that can be feasible with 3+ and you can get high chains. It doesn’t always translate to a duo as well. I think I lost more exp chasing high-chains solo than I ultimately gained, because as we all know very well – high chains, high exp means high risk. And it doesn’t always pull off.

    But allow me to relate a story.

    The 56 camp in Sauro [s] on beetle camp, is one of the fastest exp camps for a group of blms in the game. I’ve done over 20k/hr there with a good group, went from 51-56 inside of an hour.

    It can also be the slowest, or worse, a negative-exp camp, if you are grouped with half-wits, like I was once. The camp is on the side of a cliff, and there’s two gobs you pull from, one above, one below.

    Obviously the first link in the chain is a competent puller. And then, naturally, a backup team to 1. kill the mob and 2. save the puller.

    Well this one day I HAD NONE OF THE ABOVE.

    The puller kept aggroing and dying, which was bad enough, I guess. So there was a lot of killing the pet, ES-Sleep the gob, and then logging out. Over and over again. Retarded.

    Worse still were two members that literally had no clue what “sight aggro” and “resting aggro” was. They would walk forward from camp, anticipating the pet, and literally not move as the gob would STARE AT THEM AND AGGRO.

    And then they’d die.

    And then they’d get up, or get a raise.

    And proceed to /heal IN THE SAME BLOODY LOCATION. Guess what? The gob, which had depopped, repops and immediately aggros on /heal. They die again.

    End result: 2 hours of exp, I might have gained 1k, at most.

    So it could be worse: you could be surrounded by retards.

    There is a persistent myth that blm is just this invincible canon you can throw at any situation, and all you need to do is hit a nuke and watch the win roll in. Shocking … you really, really need skill.

    You two have skills. You proved that in the ladybug parties rather nicely.

    So get back to it!

    Yes I’m posting this to both blogs cuz I’m neurotic like that.

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