Another Member to the Madhouse (>.>)

Remember the 261 stacks of crystals I mentioned in an earlier post?  It only went down to 239 stacks.  I even stopped gardening so I could craft down what I already had!  Plus, there’s the Adventurer Appreciation Campaign, which means Mog Bonanza, which means I get inflicted with a -10 Inventory Ailment per character until June 24!  That’s 80 inventory taken away from me! (; ;)

So, I bit the bullet, bought another content ID, and made another Galka but in San d’Oria… who is going to be holding all of my crystals.  And, I have the security token, so woot!  My new member gets the mog satchel, too! (=D)

So, now, I guess it’s a question of whether I’m going to take the time to get him max mog safe, mog locker, and a 70-slot inventory.  More than likely I will because I grow an attachment to my characters.  Plus, my weapons mule is running out of space very quickly. (>.>)


~ by aerroenu on May 23, 2010.

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