Random FFXI Post: Beginning of Something

I’m going to try something out.  I have a bad tendency to wait for the random blue moon when I get the the chance to make a blog post that ends up being long-winded because I stuff a lot of past things into it.  I’m going to try to give in to those little random moments when I feel like posting something on my blog, no matter how insignificant and useless it might be.

Like how I have over 261 stacks of crystals distributed over seven mules:

Crystals take up about 10% of my mule’s inventories. *lol* Was tempted to see how much space all the other junk I have on my mules (armor, furnishings, weapons, stackable crafting items, non-stackable crafting items, and food) took… but that more work than I’m willing to deal with. *lol*

I also gripe about not having enough time to EXP, yet I’ll sit there and craft for gil. /facepalm

Off to get all those katana/swords/sharp-pointy-things from that Feast of Swords event… ’cause, like my ole friend Silentwind… “I’m an event whore”. (>.>) *lol*


~ by aerroenu on May 1, 2010.

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