Random FFXI Boast: Pretty Little Ring

Forgot to boast about this pretty little thing I got from one of the ACP missions long, long ago:

Thanks for reminding me during Limbus on Friday, Valion and Terren. (XD)

P.S. Xiahou and I still haven’t finished any of the add-ons.  Heck, I only started all the other ones!  Ok, really, Xia and I are on the last ACP fight.  We’ve been a little lazy getting a group together to try that fight one last time.  We got screwed the 2nd/3rd/I-dunno time ’cause the PLD (who wasn’t Xia; he was a SMN) got impatient and insisted we all 2-hour… which promptly threw hate all over the place and killed us all.

Moral of the story: don’t rush it.  Unless that’s part of the plan. *lol*


~ by aerroenu on May 1, 2010.

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