Yay for the ZAM 2010 Mog House Decorating Contest!

Our wonderful friends at Allakhazam/ZAM had a mog house decorating contest.  All this talk about mog house decorating reminds me of my ole Mog House back when… when I was a WHM in her simple artifact armor toting around a red cap!


Anyhow, my mog house has changed.  I think this is the second time it was changed since the above one – I can’t remember.  The introduction of the partition furnishing was a godsend.

The full, general view, every time I come home to San d’Oria.

Here’s my bedroom with some red bamboo grass by the “entrance” and a calabazilla lantern by the fireplace.  You’ll find a comfortable mahogany bed with a quaint quilt and a bahut where rests a goldfish bowl and some nifty gadgets like the clockwork egg and the lamp egg… wait, why do I have a Windurstian flag?  Where’s my San d’Orian flag?  I know I have one…!

Here is the kitchen – of sorts, framed by some blue and green bamboo grass.  I have my cupboard, tableware set, tea set, blue pitcher, and buffalo milk case here with my 9-Drawer Almirah.  Oh, and there’s my blue VCS plaque from the days I was raising Obsidian Blood.  If you wanna backtrack on my post about him (why, I dunno), here’s when I started, when he hatched, when he became an adolescent, and when he became an adult.  Dunno if I have the heart to go back into chocobo raising for a digger.  It’s time-consuming, obviously, and I’d rather raise the feed myself… ok, and I’m a little sentimental about ole Bloo.

Last on the western side of my Mog House  is my rather.  Empty.  Storage.  With nothing but my cleaning tool set and “Hoary Spire“.

Across from the storage room is, yet, another storage room… with my Jeunoan Flag and my little mannequin wearing the various relic armor that no one wanted from the Dynamis runs I’ve doing with SpiritsEvolution.  Yes, she’s wearing the COR head and SCH body armor, hahaha!  Oh, yeah, she’s wearing the charm and miracle wands with Xiahou’s signature on them, the two wands that cannot be stored (I, otherwise, do have the +1 versions in storage).

This is my “study”, so to speak, also framed by some green and blue bamboo grass.  I have my bookshelf with some plants growing on top.  Naturally, there is a desk with a stationery set on top and a tarutaru stool pulled up to it.  Of course, what’s a study room without a wastebasket? (xD)

Wanted to know who’s bedroom was across from mine!  Why, it’s my moogle’s bedroom, also with some red bamboo grass by the “entrance!  We keep a little water cask by the fireplace – you know, just in case.  My moogle also gets the standard mahogany bed and bahut, with a pretty jeweled egg, a fighting fish tank, and a melodious egg resting on top.  She always did like some of the “prettier” things in life, including my San d’Orian fla – my San d’Orian flag?! So that is where it went!  That sneaky moogle!

I’m sure you folks are wondering how I got the two sets of bamboo grass.  If you follow through the guides for the Celestial Nights events,  they explain how to obtain a second set of bamboo grass by storing the first one with an event item storer.  Too bad you can’t get more than two – I wanted a whole forest of bamboo!… not to mention, the model layout sticks.  You technically can’t walk “underneath” them.  Bummer. (=/)

BTW, if no one noticed by my blatant breaking of one of ZAM’s contest rules, I did not enter it.  While the 1st place prize was enticing (ooo, the tarutaru figurine set!), I don’t visit the ZAM websites to warrant full usage of a ZAM premium subscription.  I would rather see that go to someone who would make fuller use of that prize.

Not to mention, I doubt I would have won.  I have seen a couple of mog houses that were much better.  C’est la vive!

Speaking of FFXI goodies, have anyone else noticed that they no longer sell the chirping chocobo chick on the States side?! (They also no longer have the San d’Orian and Windurstian key chains – argh!!) It’s available only in Japan, and they have stated that they don’t ship overseas!  Well, pooh!  I should vent by blowing things up with big booms!… but I need to get my BLM44 to BLM75 for some real big booms!  Well, pooh!

I just can’t win, now, can I? *lol* I give up.  Bedtime for me!  Xiahou and I are gonna go hang out with Kielee tomorrow!… or… later… today… Whoops!  I stayed up late, didn’t I? *lol*


~ by aerroenu on April 22, 2010.

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