Project Shantotto: Dead Before It Really Began

I was going to keep this a secret, but my drive to finish this before Halloween has -well- essentially died.  I was going to make a Shantotto costume for Halloween/”really, for Youmacon”.

There were too many roadblocks.

  • I procrastinated two weeks.  Started this project on October 1.
  • When I checked Monday, the online store I was going to buy my wig from pointedly stated that it will not arrive on time for Halloween.
  • Even though I procrastinated for two week, during that time I was attempting to make a pattern from scratch with the help of a masking tape mannequin of myself.
  • The whole “pattern from scratch” thing failed horribly, and I ended up going crazy during a “99₵ McCall patterns” sale at Jo-Ann Store on Tuesday.
  • Same Tuesday, I spent the whole day figuring our how to resize the pattern to my measurements.  I kept messing up a lot before I realized how careless my mistakes were.
  • I am rather obsessive compulsive about the fabric I’m using (black poplin and apparel suede).  I’m going to need more of that poplin because I made some incorrect cuts. (>_<)
  • The pair of scissors that I just bought that were dedicated to cutting only fabric just weren’t making the cut.

So, I’ve given up working on it hardcore every chance I get.  After coming home 7PM everyday, I’m usually not privy to slaving away on something like that… even though it’s me crafting, and we all know how much I love to craft.  Really, it’s the scissor’s fault – I’m practically sawing away at the fabric.  It’s frustrating.

I’ll probably end up doing is work on it the whole of Sunday (after Nyzul Isle.  By the way, I got a Gae Bolg for my DRG during the last run on Sunday).  I’m aiming to get the basic part done, the tactician magician’s coat.   Probably sans the gold decoration on the coat top… ’cause I’m obsessive compulsive and want to embroider that in.  I hope it turns out much better than previous costumes I’ve made.


~ by aerroenu on October 21, 2009.

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