Donated an Extra Life

Word up to the Extra Life Donation Drive at the Timbuktu Cafe!  Got to meet Aniero of Limit Break Radio (it was awesome meeting you!  Yay for Odinites!).  Was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to meet FusionX from Pet Food AlphaXiahou and I had a few questions to ask about Aion.

I got a chance to drop a line over the Limit Break Radio frequency, but I was too filled with nervous energy to think of something to say without babbling like an idiot.  I’m sure they had to deal with enough of those. (;p) Didn’t help that I was bewildered by the place.

Maybe next year if Final Fantasy XI still has a pulse next Extra Life, I might do a little something extra to accrue donations… along with better planning, maybe a cosplay (because I’m a geek like that), and maybe joining the lock-in.  That’s something I wondered about: how do they police that? *lol* (>.>;)

P.S. It was only after coming home and looking at their game list that I saw they had Rock Band.  Maybe it worked out afterall: like they needed some girl to sing “Roxanne” like in “Moulin Rouge”. (xD)

P.P.S. Oh, yeah, don’t worry: Xiahou and I donated, half of each going in the name of both Limit Break Radio and Pet Food Alpha.  Too bad I didn’t get a photo of the little doodle I slapped on the check. *lol* We’ll be dealing with packed lunches for a while.  Not that I have anything to complain about; I’ve been having the craziest urge for carrots and dip a good while. (o_O;)


~ by aerroenu on October 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Donated an Extra Life”

  1. It’s true, we were there! I bet if we were staying for the lock-in and had our laptops/security tokens we would have stayed. Either way, donation made and met Aniero of Limit Break Radio!

  2. Sorry i missed you! I’d be more than happy to answer any Qs about Aion if you still have some, throw me an email^^

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