I Give Up (Drawing)! (ノ`Д′)ノ=3 ⌒☆

Well, drawing with a tablet.

The last couple of times I’ve tried, I just can’t get it right.  I duplicate the position I’m usually in – well, almost.  Instead of my looking down at my lap, I’m looking up at the screen.  Might be something I’ll fool around with – putting the tablet on the keyboard with my laptop in my lap.  My laptop surprisingly doesn’t get too hot.  But, wait, if I do that, how will I deal with the faint vibrations my laptop gives?  Having my clipboard (with tablet on top) leaning against the (card – gah!) table suffers horribly from those vibrations.  And Xia‘s occasional shifting.


I’m still a “paper & pencil” artist, though.  No problem – I’ve gotten into the groove once in a while.  I can’t wait to show you the random silly things I’ve drawn!… except, I’m looking for a scanner.  I don’t want to rely on visits to Xia‘s parents to scan my stuff.  I’ve done a little research, and it’s cheaper to buy a all-in-one printer/copier/scanner… than it is for just a scanner.  By, like, $100USD+.


Maybe I’ll eventually get off my fat, Tarutaru butt and find the angle of rotation I draw at. *lol*


~ by aerroenu on September 16, 2009.

One Response to “I Give Up (Drawing)! (ノ`Д′)ノ=3 ⌒☆”

  1. My old IT professor used to say:

    “If at first you don’t succeed… give up! Why embarrassing yourself?”


    I also gave up drawing a long time ago. I was good at tracing then discovered I was good at copying work, but I didn’t have the style for it. At times I had brilliant ideas but my work was rather bland. I’m too old now to get back into drawing. Usually art starts at a very young age. You then further develop your skills during your adolescence and by the time you’re a young adult/adult you should be set. Drawing is a useful skill and nice to have/showoff. Good luck and keep at it

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