You obtained Dissidia.

How lucky.  On my first non-Sunday day off after nearly two months, Xiahou and I took a visit to BestBuy where he got the second generation Playstation 3, Batman Asylum, Ghostbusters, and Dissidia: Final Fantasy.

This is to the chumps out there who was all “blah-blah don’t support Square-Enix’s non-Japanese overseas endeavors by buying their ‘horribly’ dubbed adaptations”:

* * t(^.^t) * *

I’ll probably write some more once I play it a little more (while Xiahou’s busy with his PS3).  I’m practically cannon fodder with fighting games, moreso with three-dimensional ones.  That being said, I’m thankful for the tutorial they make you go through when you start a new game. (Yeah, I can see how this will get annoying if you’re a veteran Dissidia player).

… Warrior of Light has a pretty nice voice.  Made me a little swoony there before I concentrated on the battle.  Something makes me feel like the dubbing will be reminiscent of the Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors game series: not too bad overall… *avoiding thinking of the females*

EDIT: Um… yeah, I knew the Warrior of Light’s voice was familiar past the initial hearing: he’s the voice of Sun Jian in the Dynasty Warriors series!! *lol*


~ by aerroenu on August 26, 2009.

One Response to “You obtained Dissidia.”

  1. Yeah, you have yet to put it down and let me play… UNFAIR! =P

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