Good-bye, Everyone…! (xD)

’cause every day of the Sunbreeze Festival, I’mma be goldfishing my booty off!… unless my guildmates pull up an interesting proposition.  Hopefully Xiahou and I will be on our way out to sea after Sunday (Promyvion – Vahzl, yack!).

I want to get each of my mules a Goldfish Bowl, a Fighting Fish Tank, a Butterfly Cage, a Cricket Cage, and a Glowfly Cage.  Especially the crickets.  I want sounds on each of my mules! (=D) But, I wasn’t willing to deal with the Egg Hunt Egg-stravaganza to get each of them the Melodious Egg.

I’ll update with some… interesting catches I’ve made when I’m not supposed to be asleep. (xD)

Or, God forbid, I might let myself get distracted from Final Fantasy XI to draw some random fanart/joke that got inspired by Fantastic Fraulein Mumor


~ by aerroenu on August 4, 2009.

One Response to “Good-bye, Everyone…! (xD)”

  1. You know…I’ve never had my account activated during a Sunbreeze Festival. Actually, there was once back in…2004?

    I take it the Promy comment means you’re still working on CoP. Good luck. Vahzl wasn’t particularly hard, but I had to do it in two parts because it was just way too long.

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