Question for Those Who Solo EXP (60+)

Yeah, been trying to solo my Red Mage up to 70+.  I typically have two hours to play (if I’m lucky enough, three).  I don’t bother flagging myself for “looking for party” since, typically, it takes 10-30 minutes to get invited and then to get to the camp, definitely leaving less than two hours to party.

Recently, whenever I’ve done campaign, I typically get 150-400 EXP for a battle that lasts for 10-60 minutes, thanks to the Union System.  Whenever I do Field Manuals, I typically complete a page in less than a Vana’diel day (57 minutes 36 seconds) for 1500+EXP.

Guess I’ll be doing Field Manuals, eh?


~ by aerroenu on July 26, 2009.

6 Responses to “Question for Those Who Solo EXP (60+)”

  1. As a RDM, I can get about 500-3000 depending on the battle(like if there’s a lot of people I always get low numbers). I melee, enfeeble, and put up an enspell. Composure helps >.> I don’t do FoV because it’s boring to me and RDM takes forever to kill with low sword skill.

  2. When soloing from 67 to 75 on NIN, I found that I preferred a Field Manual. The reason was time. I was soloing NIN because I really didn’t have much time to play and joining a party was too time consuming. Campaign was also time consuming because, while I could get decent exp for the battles I participated in, I found myself standing around a lot waiting for a battle to begin, or laying dead waiting for someone to hopefully toss me a pity raise.

    So, in the end FoV was simply more convenient because I could log in or show up to camp at 20:00, do a round of mobs, and then do another quick round of mobs right after the clock turned back to 0:00. This usually got me about 5k in 30ish minutes if you include the exp from mobs and emp as well as the reward.

    Another advantage of soloing with FoV is that you are guaranteed a set reward. Sometimes you show up to a campaign battle and it ends right when you get there and you get 130 exp for wasting your time. There’s also a safety with FoV where your kills are each logged toward the reward individually, so you can zone, log out, get booted, etc., and come back later and finish and still get your proper reward (as long as you don’t change jobs you retain the same regime). With campaign it can be frustrating if you only have a certain amount of time and you spend thirty minutes to an hour fighting and then your system freezes or you lag out or something and get no reward for your time spent.

    The only drawback to using a manual is that you lose exp when you die, unlike campaign. But you can usually avoid that by choosing a regime which has mobs you know you can kill easily without a risk of death.

  3. I do FoV as well for solo leveling. I can still get skill ups while I do it and I can use my Fellow NPC too. I just wish I could kill things faster because DNC solo can be so slow. ; ;

  4. I love Field Manuals. They are THE reason I decided to get back into FFXI a couple months ago or however long it’s been.

  5. I have found that campaign can be either an awesome way to get your exp or like pulling teeth. Some jobs are better suited for it and some aren’t.

    SMN was a pain to level in campaign, until I realized that damage and healing done by my avatars netted me some exp… Carby became my meal ticket with Healing Ruby II hitting everyone in range, regardless of party affiliation (he really reaches across the aisle!), and using Meteorite. That coupled with his upkeep being so negligible, with the auto-refresh from sigil, and being able to use Spirit Taker (thankfully, I leveled my staff on PLD and DRG) MP isn’t all that much of a worry. However, my summoning magic skill tends to take a hurt (currently 30 levels under cap).

    Though, if you want a companion, other that Paku, let me know! Would be fun! =)

  6. I’d have to say FoV, as well. Toward the end of my FFXI playtime, I quit partying altogether and found that soloing EP and doing FoV was by far the fastest. Especially if you can get a friend to duo, but soloing worked pretty well, too.

    PS – HI! I don’t know if I’ll ever be playing FFXI again. If I do, I’ll say hi. If not, we should still keep in touch, somehow.

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