Joining the /facepalm-ing For a Few Slaps

I haven’t done any of the MKE add-on mission, but from what I hear, it’s a regurgitation of the ACP add-on.


I would have thought MKE would be soloable.  I mean, it’s a personal affair between you and your moogle, right?  Oh… oh, ew, no, you pervert! (>.<)

Oh, well. /facepalm

Oh, and does any crafter remember how the Kupofried’s “Artisan’s Advantage” was a bunch of crap?

The requisite condition for the following Super Kupower is not mentioned in the in-game explanation:
Artisan’s Advantage: The chance of losing ingredients in a failed synthesis attempt is drastically reduced.

Players must receive synthesis image support from their respective guilds in order to benefit from this Super Kupower.

Heh, the clause. /facepalm

I know some of you are all like, “ha! I told you”, and while I’m disappointed at a few aspects, don’t forget: I wasn’t expecting much, anyhow.  I try my damnedest to expect nothing – makes it easier for me not to get horribly disappointed, y’know?  Sure, as Sodako pointed out in his comment in my last post, there were some things that make you think, “… why didn’t they put that in before”?  Which, yeah, I can understand.  But I guess that’s the nature of MMORPGs, an ever-evolving *coughUpdating* game.  Makes me think of World of Warcraft’s recent “Arcane Bolt” nerf, where that spell is no longer non-interruptable.  At least we’re not going through drastic changes every time we turn around! *lol*

Regardless, I’m determined to make playing a song with the /bell command possible… not necessarily by oneself, but possible… would take a lot of coordination… hmm… *maniacal grin*

But first, let’s get my RDM from 65 to 75 via campaign… ’cause I haven’t been willing to be obligated to deal with people for entended periods of time – unless you’re an LSmate, then, hey! (=D) *lol*


~ by aerroenu on July 21, 2009.

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