Sometimes, People Make Me Wonder…

2009-07-20Just about everytime Square-Enix updates Final Fantasy XI, people gripe about how the update did not meet their expectations.   Doesn’t this make you wonder why Square-Enix isn’t always receptive to us *coughsUngrateful?* players?

*pause* (o_O)?

Sure, FFXI has lost some of its luster in my eyes, but my World of Warcraft account expires on Wednesday for a reason.  No, I can afford to play that game; I just don’t have any real drive to keep playing it.  FFXI still somehow keeps that drive.  Maybe I’m one of the few folks who was lucky enough to be with a group of folks I absolutely enjoy playing (and doing stupid things) with.

Well, I want to address this: I highly doubt the “new avatar” that Square-Enix claimed to be working on will be Alexander.  Unless you put monster truck wheels on that thing, it ain’t going nowhere.  I have a “surprise me, but I’m not expecting anything” attitude with that.  If it happens – *shrugs* If it doesn’t happen – *shrugs* I do have a raised eyebrow at why it would take them over a year to figure out how the game mechanics would allow them to add another avatar into the game, unless you create alternate avatars for players to use (some other wind-based avatar than Garuda, some other ice-based avatar than Shiva, etc.).  At the same time, I would not be surprised if they’re trying to wrap things up with FFXI to concentrate more on FFXIV.

Speaking of which, wouldn’t it be awesome if they made something like “veteran” rewards for us FFXI players who play FFXIV, too?  Like, “register your FFXI ID, and you get some nifty thing like your hands glow sparklies or you get some cute and awesome pet”?   Yeah, I’m making references to the Guild Wars and WOW’s “register your collector’s edition for a cool thing” feature.

Anyhow, I’m going to save any comments (if I have any) about the update until after I finish downloading it.  For one, I’m actually glad that they put a Lv. 10 restriction on the add-ons.  Why?  because all of my mules have (an indirect) access to Jeuno, and the last thing I want to deal with is having each mule go through that awful-long cutscene in Lower Jeuno. *lol*

Now, back to -no, not playing (boring) WOW- watching K.O.3an Guo.  Makes me reminisce about my younger days when I would watch Taiwan or Hong Kong sitcoms (dubbed in another language, actually).  Thankfully, most of it was fantasy and martial arts, like The Reincarnated Princess… and *begin rambling* some other one series that had a man in a wheelchair (with two bodyguards), a lady who fought with ribbons, and a lot of other things… yeah, I’m hoping someone out there knows what the heck I’m talking about… ’cause… I’m trying to find that series, again. *lol*


~ by aerroenu on July 20, 2009.

4 Responses to “Sometimes, People Make Me Wonder…”

  1. with the update, its kinda. . . sometimes its hard to understand why they would put circle abilities in to begin with, and if they felt they needed to be improved (and its not just a small tweak), what has changed since then?

    it just feels like, sure, a few of these things are nice and all but what was stopping them from making that change before? even with the NIN JAs its been clear that the community viewed NIN as a tank for years and years, its hard for someone who isn’t watching them work to understand this gap between that fan festival where they announced job adjustments and then like. . . what over a year later we’re still working through them?

    don’t get me wrong, the game can certainly still be enjoyed, but sometimes I just stop and wonder how some of this ‘content’ is only just now being added. its hard to argue this view point without sounding like a spoiled brat who just wants more.

  2. Hehe, I lost my drive to WoW too, well to grinding in general :x I still got motivation to FFXI, and at the very least chatting with LS mates is fun.

    Alexander or whatever avatar was suppose to pop ages ago… but still haven’t. It takes them literally 1 day of work from 1 people to probably make that avatar, then max 2 days to do the math behind BP and code it into summoner, but …. dunno, maybe SE losing the drive too.

    Anyway, I made a pic to supplement my article the other day, and it was the same taru/outfit as urs :) thought I’d share XD

  3. “register your FFXI ID, and you get some nifty thing like your hands glow sparklies or you get some cute and awesome pet”

    You know, SE could probably make a decent amount of money off of FFXI just off of a feature like that.

  4. So does this mean your joining the adventure to Eorzea?

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