Well, Apparently, I’m the Only One…

… who finds some form of entertainment with the upcoming update!

There’s plenty of fellow Tarutaru Times Online bloggers who are incredibly unamused by this update (check out Pet Food Alpha’s blog post for the slew of comments criticizing the update)!

What the hell – I’m not getting as agitated over this update as they are, and I’m still getting gray hairs faster!! *lol* … yeah, I know other factors could cause that.  Thanks for rubbing it in. (=p)

But, really, don’t forget that this zomgHugeMB update isn’t just to add a few bells and whistles to emotes, fishing, and menu lists!  There were basic details about other updates throughout June and July, too.

Wings of the Goddess-wise, there will be further additions to campaign battles such as the North Lands, Nation-Specific Campaign Body Armor, and the rewarding “Union System”. (Link) We’re getting more missions for the WotG storyline… which is probably going to be another aggravating cliff-hanger. (Link)

Job-wise, ninja will get two new abilities that allow them to either tank or deal damage effectively, and revival from their sacrificial 2-hour, Mijin Gakura, will restore them with 50% of their HP sans weakness. (Link) The rate of gains to combat and magic skills during mid- to low levels will get a boost, circle-type job abilities will receive additional benefits, and two new Blue Mage spells will be introduced. (Link)

System-wise, Moblin Maze Mongers will be introducing a wonderful goblin companion for MMMing adventures!… ok, I admit, /endsarcasm.  I don’t do MMM as much as I’d like to.  Maybe it’s died down since I got my eyepatch. (Link) More elite training regimes will be introduced, high-level gear may become augmented, and a new questline for specially augmented gear will be included in the update. (Link) … and the update that everyone’s griping about. (Link)

Oh, and A Moogle Kupo d’Etat will be included. (Link)

Really, did people just forget that there’s all this other stuff, or have they become so vindictive of Square-Enix’s recent lack-luster customer service that they’re criticizing Squenix every step of the way, every turn of the head?

I’d like to think folks just forgot.

But, then, that’s me.


~ by aerroenu on July 17, 2009.

3 Responses to “Well, Apparently, I’m the Only One…”

  1. I totally agree. I saw the update on SEs site and read it and knew immediately there was going to be a massive bish-fest over at the forums especially BG. People seem to forget (after playing this game for many years @_@) that there is more to the updates than just the teasers. It’s been like this for years and people still don’t get it.

    I actually got a laugh from the sneak peek. I thought it was very funny for SE to do that. I believe SE did it on purpose (Japanese humor). Players think that SE doesn’t understand the community, but in face they try to do their best. It’s not easy to put out a game this massive and get everything right or fix everything quickly. Some solutions to problems in the game complexes other problems. The community whines over everything and yet they keep playing this game. I just don’t understand why so much negativity and hatred.

  2. I think its the amount of content that people are upset with. If you looks at the update notes for the previous update, there were around 3-4 more announcements. Also… the first add-on was a flop, not many people are interested in kupo d’Etat because of ACP.

    Another thing to consider is how extremely vague the update notes have been so far “we’re doing something to circle abilities but we cant tell you what” “two new blue spells.. but that’s all we’ll tell you” … if they cant give us details why even bother posting them?

    Then there’s the curry buns… it’s almost an insult to those that attended vanafest 2008 to have their “cheese sandwich” added 8 months after the fact.

    Hopefully some better stuff is announced on the day of the update.. but one has to wonder why that stuff wasn’t put in previews to actually make people excited for the update ahead of time.

  3. I guess my sarcasm about the AMK’E add-on was too subtle. *lol* It’s pretty negligible, especially at how poorly executed the ACP add-on was. Come on, I thought everyone was supposed to enjoy that add-on, not just the peeps who have RNG75, SAM75, or THF75. *does not have those jobs, and, yeah, sarcasm, lol*

    I really don’t expect anything from Sque-nix nowadays. I just appreciate that they still do updates, even if it’s for silly little things… ’cause, well, we all know how easily entertained I am over silly little things. (;p)

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