So, Square-Enix Releases All Fanart Entries…

All 7th Anniversary Fan Art Contest Entries Now Available for Viewing! (06/09/2009)

Finally!!  Why didn’t they do it the last couple of years?!  I’ve always wanted to know what the other non-winning entries were!  Was it because there weren’t as many entries back then to be worth the effort?  Or is the ferocious power of North Americans finally pushing Square-Enix to be more customer-friendly? *lol*

I recognized a couple of artists from previous winners and from folks I ran across during my random strolls through DeviantArt.  I could recognize the art style.  Speaking of which, I’m inclined to believe that someone weaseled two submissions into the contest (obviously, under two different artist names).  Maybe their second entry was a collaborated effort, but their art style showed more than otherwise.  I’m not going to say who it is; what’s done is done, and I don’t care to advertise indirectly for them.

Looking at the wide range of entries, I wish I had submitted the little entry I was debating about.  It wasn’t going to be something major: just a little drawing of Tarutaru me wailing at how I couldn’t think of anything to draw for the contest.

Admittedly, I’ve been watching too much cake competitions on Food Network.  I’m stupid-tempted to make some crazy cake for the 8th anniversary… only problem is…the cake I’d try to make would be way too much baked goodiness for me to eat in a year. *lol*


~ by aerroenu on June 9, 2009.

One Response to “So, Square-Enix Releases All Fanart Entries…”

  1. Indeed I noticed it too, I’m not sure if it was a collab either.

    Not sure if she has a sibling or not, I’ve seen cases where siblings styles are close to one another because of being taught but regardless if it was a collab I thought the rules stated it was to be original work?

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