zomgFFXIVohHAIguyzLOL1!!1… um, ok.

… *just looks around at all the excitement and whatnot*

Um… am I one of the folks who isn’t… impressed… or disappointed… or… really,this evokes no extreme feelings in me.  I’m not all, “ZOMG, it’s FFXIV-yay!!” or “ZOMG, it’s FFXIV-wtf, this is BS!!” about it… Sure, I wasn’t surprised it was “Final Fantasy” title.  I was happy to see it’s something like an updated version of FFXI, but at the same time worried about it.  I hope that Square-Enix learns from what they did wrong in FFXI and build up on it… but, outside of the questionable add-ons and game mechanics of FFXI that could obviously be improved on, I can’t stop wondering how they’ll top that off.  If anything, it feels… weird,  in a rather dream-like fashion.  Sure, I’ve always wanted to see an updated FFXI, but to see this seems… really.  Really.  Weird.

One thing I’m really curious about is the character customization… ’cause, honestly… Aerros’ hair will change from “blonde to red tips” to “black to red tips”.  Because it looks really awesome that way in real life!  Seriously!  I was so proud of my hair when it was like that!  I had dyed it as red as I could without bleaching it (ok, it was a very red brown).  When my naturaly black hair started to come out, Mom hated how dirty it looked, so she had the lady dye my hair back to black… but because she did an imperfect job of it, it looked like my hair was going from black to red!… aw, man, I want to do that, again…

I guess I have an advantage for not making high expectations for anything because I can keep an otherwise cool head about stuff like this.

BTW, here’s the official website link, and if you’re too lazy (or your connection is too slow) to load up the information:

Product Details:

Title: Final Fantasy XIV

Platforms: PLATSTATION®3, Windows®

Genre: Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game

Release Date: 2010

Unit Price: TBA

Subscription Fees: TBA

ESRB Rating: Pending

Staff Details:

Producer: Hiromichi Tanaka
(Final Fantasy I, II, II, XI)

Director: Nobuaki Komoto
(Final Fantasy IX, XI)

Art Director: Akihiko Yoshida
(Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy XII)

Music: Nobuo Uematsu (Smile Please Co., Ltd.)
(Final Fantasy Series)

See, folks?  It’s still available for the PC. *lol*

Oh, and I’m in agreement with Etain: too many Roman numerals.  Wouldn’t it have been cool if they made it, like, “Final Fantasy: Rapture”?… or, hell, even “Final Fantasy XIV: Rapture” would have been fine.


~ by aerroenu on June 2, 2009.

One Response to “zomgFFXIVohHAIguyzLOL1!!1… um, ok.”

  1. 2010 really means 2012 probably.

    but speaking of hair with red tips and/or highlights, I have a friend whose hair is naturally highlighted red. I hate her.

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