Odin Server

Is it still closed from making new characters?

I was thinking of doing something stupid, like callin’ my dad one day and asking if he’d be interested in trying out Final Fantasy XI. *lol* Last time I visited my ‘rents, he asked what Final Fantasy was, which shocked the bejeebus out of me (outside the fact that I hap my lapton on and a Dissidia wallpaper at the moment).  Also got into a little discussion about FFXI.


Damnit, no.  Actually checked KillingIfrits’ Odin Forums and found out it’s still closed.  Maybe I’ll ask Xiahou’s brother if I can have his POL account.  Doesn’t seem the kind of guy who’d come back to FFXI.  First, though, I gotta get the courage to ask my dad. *lol*


~ by aerroenu on June 2, 2009.

3 Responses to “Odin Server”

  1. Can’t you get in with a worldpass? or is that blocked off too?

  2. yea that’s blocked too. it has an interesting if painful effect on the economy. someone I know actually talked to a SE’s tech support or something (he called them I think) about it recently, from what they said it sounded like it isn’t going to be reopened for a while, and the idea of forcibly splitting the server in two has been thrown around.

  3. I love wow! I quit playing after I hit 80 for so long because it took to long to get all my gear and my mount, but my friend showed me his gold making guide and now im obsessed again, the guide made it fun for me. Check it out here. http://tinyurl.com/wowgoldvip

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