Incurring the Wrath of the Lich King

Anyone wondering where I’ve been the last two weeks?  Yes?  No?!  Aw… =(

Well, if anyone actually was wondering…


Yeah, after a real-life friend of ours showed us the new content World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, Xiahou and I bit the bullet and bought the expansion.  We figured we’d make Horde Death Knights so that we’d have some high-level Horde characters.  We already have some high-level Alliance characters (and then some to boot).


Human Warlock and Draenei Shaman duo.  We really mess things up.  They go down within secs (though, I should probably record the average, shouldn’t I, to find out the exacts – watch me do it*lol*).  I seem to be the only non-robed warlock around, for some odd reason… (o_O;)

So, yeah, “Wirbelwind” made the “Wyvern” guild. *lol* Xiahou couldn’t think of a name for his Tauren Death Knight.  The joke kept rolling when he did, and I deleted and renamed my Tauren Death Knight to follow suit.  Honestly, I can hardly imagine myself as anything other than a tauren (female), undead (female), or blood elf (male!) on the Horde side… and then a dwarf (female), draenei (either), or human (either) on the Alliance.  Surprised I didn’t mention gnomes, eh?  They’re kinda… iffy for me.  And if I were, it would be the females.  Definitely the females.  The males make me feel so dirty. (>.<)

Anyhow, don’t worry, fellow members of Vana’diel.  This break into WOW’s going to be temporary.  It’s probably going to be something like “we get our mains to Lv. 80”, then “ok, thanks for the fun – buh-bye!” *lol*

Since we’re on the subject of WOW, there’s one thing that’s gotten me thinking: fan videos.  I don’t seem to remember a ton of dedicated FFXI machinima (other than maybeAs Vana’diel Turns“).  Versus WOW, well, there’s a ton.  Take, for example, a recent WOW fan video that really sticks on me:

Sung by Cranius and Summergale, Machinima by Legs

In addition, there are the works of Nyhm, Oxhorn, and Selserene.  There’s quite a number I’ve added onto my Favorite Vids list.  I can’t help but tilt my head a bit at how there are all these WOW machinima and hardly any of FFXI.

Or, are all those FFXI machinima… in Japanese? *lol*

Oh, yeah, gotta end this blog with…


Murloc Costume!! (>=O)

Maybe someday, if I get back into cosplay, I’ll make this… for BlizzCon… if I actually go.  Probably how I’d have hell trying to figure out what costume to wear to FFXI Fan Festival. *lol* I hate wanting to do so many things and then procrastinate them (or not having the money for it).

Oh, yeah, I fixed the widgets on my sidebar.  Compressed a few, like the archive and category options, removed and adjusted a few categories, and re-added some that had mysteriously disappeared (like the links, wut?).


~ by aerroenu on June 1, 2009.

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