Will Altana Strike Me Down…?


For occasionally missing World of Warcraft?  I sometimes miss soloing through lower-level instances on my Warlock70. (For fellow Final Fantasy XI players, think of instances as an enclosed game space like Dynamis… except there are various instances where mobs are a certain level range and there’s no limit to how many instances are going on.  No conflicts with “other people doing instances”.) I’d often be soloing these for disenchantables.  Or, even better, burning runs through them for my RL friends. (=D) Nothing like two Lv. 70 characters running around one-shotting everything, leaving nothing but a trail of death and loot.  Speed Deadmines or Stockades, anyone? *lol* There’s that, and I’ve beenwatching Xiahou play death knight.  Blizzard did an excellent job with the introductory death knight quests – makes me want to play it.

Otherwise, I don’t find myself missing too much about WOW.  I never did end-game content because  I met too many people whom I would not trust to… “understand the concept of teamwork”.  If I ever get the urge to do something by myself, I’m usually crafting in FFXI or sneaking off to play games like Perfect World International or Shin Megami Tensei: IMAGINE.


PWi is almost like a free WOW.  What cripples its gameplay is the fact that it’s a translation between an Asian language to a Romantic language.  This makes for clunky reading.  While it’s expected, it’s still very distracting enough to make quests confusing, despite their “auto-guide” feature.  Plus, once you get to Lv. 30, it becomes a grind unless you shell out cash for EXP boosting items.  On the bright side, even though classes are race-specific, you can build each class however you want it.  You could make your priest purely a magic damage dealer at the expense of not having many curing spells. (Learning spells uses “spirit points”, which you earn with EXP at a much lower rate.  It would be tedious to earn enough spirit points to learn all spells.)

I play a Venomancer, which is essentially a BST’s “have a pet” and a RDM’s “cast magic, cast enfeebles, can transform to melee”.  I used to have a pet penguin, but that wasn’t doing nearly as much damage and tanking as the great, big, fuzzy wolf I have… whom, if I ever pick this game back up, again, and earn enough money to buy a naming collar, I will name Okami. (<3) Oh, yeah, I have a turtle that I use while fighting in water.  Pets are divided between land, air, and water.  I tried to get spells that make me a caster so that my pet can do most of the tanking, but I have a few spirit points wasted on spells that boost my melee.  I’m just not willing to shell out a couple of bucks for items that’ll reset them. *lol*


Mega-ten: IMAGINE is probably one of the few free MMORPGs out there that’s of Japanese origin. (In my defense, it’s the only free Japanese MMORPG that I know of.)  It makes me think of FFXI: there are missions that carry on the storyline of the game, and there are quests on the side to earn more money, EXP, and items.  The demon fusion system is fun, crippled by how tedious it is to charm a demon and level restrictions (then, again, who wants to go up against a Lv. 10 player with a Lv. 70 demon at their side?).  The controls took a lot of getting used to.  It’s involved in that you don’t automatically attack monsters; it’s essentially an action RPG.

I play a gunner type character with shot, curative, support, and curse spells and skills.  I tend to use beast-type pets: I let them tank while I worry about curing them.  I don’t necessarily trust the A.I. to keep me cured. *lol*

I dunno, even though I sometimes get worked out of FFXI from all the crafting I’ve been doing (and, now, the push to get DRG to 75 without an Anniversary Ring), I don’t think I’m willing to shell out $15 a month to play WOW, also.  It’s tempting, but I can’t seem to push myself to do it. *shrugs* Oh, well.


~ by aerroenu on May 20, 2009.

One Response to “Will Altana Strike Me Down…?”

  1. Mega-ten: IMAGINE sounds pretty promising from what you wrote :D maybe something I’d install at work and play :D

    IN terms of WoW, yea the only thing I think worthwhile to try is end-game. All other aspects just get boring like any other MMO… unless it’s a boss :D so yea… try to get yourself into a good guild.

    You in horde? we are looking a few dps :) perhaps you can consider transferring over to mines and join right away :) @ Ulduar 25 XD

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