Blog Link Updates

While listening to JPButton’s recent Radio Episode (brought to my attention by Wyred), I went ahead and updated some of my links.

I want to bring particular attention to my FFXI AMV page.  It was a link to a FFXI AMV that I absolutely enjoyed and what got me into Home Made 家族 (Kazoku).  I guess no one caught that it was broken for… over eight months. (o_o;)

Oh, and instead of burning RDM up to 75… I’m going to follow this awkward tradition that “the first melee job a WHM levels to 75 is DRG”. *lol* I’m aiming to get it to 40 to see if I feel like burning it to 45, then 50, then 55, then 60, then… understand where I’m getting at? *lol* I think, if I ever get burned out from leveling DRG (which is a ton of fun with Xiahou‘s DRG), I’ll work on other sub-jobs… like SAM4 and WAR16… and maybe BLU10.  I have a goal of getting all jobs to at least 40.  That way, they’re a full sub-job… and I can take whatever to any BCNMs my friends and I might want to do. *lol*

Been wanting  some other job to solo with.  Figured I needed to do something different. (:p)


~ by aerroenu on May 13, 2009.

One Response to “Blog Link Updates”

  1. Speaking of the JPBR episode….. how do you pronounce your name? ; ; I’m sorry if I really mangled it.

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