sKeTcHy lIfE

… I’m bound to believe I’m a boring person or something like that. *lol* Whenever I play FFXI, guess what I’m doing.


That’s just about all I do ever.  No EXPing, no fishing, nothing else other than the occassional “LS event”.   Those range from doing “Wings of the Goddess” mission, helping with quests, catching other LS mates with avatar whispers, etc.

That being said, I’ve obviously been drawing a lot. [/sarcasm]


That’s pretty much all the sketches I’ve done that got to the second layer.  A lot of them are just the skeletal sketching, so there’s not much to show or talk about.

I seem to have a hard time being pleased with my drawings.  I think it’s because of the eyes.  They feel a little… hard to describe, “under-developed”?  “Too simple”?  Sure, the only one of the bunch that looks great is the colored one!… but I was eyeballing Dissidia images while drawing that. *lol*  That might be something I try to do more often.

Or it might be something as simple as adding color. *lol*

I’m also getting annoyed by my character’s bangs.  They’re like Sailor Moon bangs or something.  I tried experimenting by drawing her bangs like mine (they sorta slip in the middle), but I dunno.  Makes her forehead too big! *lol*

I was going through some of my older work from years ago.  I kept thinking, “I drew so well back then!  Why do I suck now?!” *lol* We all know the answer, right?  I was drawing a lot more back then, so of course I drew better then!

I should draw more often to get myself back to caliber, especially in the next month.  I would like to submit an entry into the FFXI Fanart Contest.  Of course, silly me promised last year, “I’ll make something early so I won’t have to worry about it when they have it”… and I don’t.  We’ll ignore the fact that I had too many ideas to pick from. *lol*

I just need to stop fooling myself with “oh, I should be spending this time to craft stuff to make gil!” *lol*


~ by aerroenu on April 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “sKeTcHy lIfE”

  1. Haha, I was about to say how much you’ve improved (yea, I saw the little colored one in the corner) until I carefully read your post.

    Well, one can also learn new tricks and stuff from mimicking other art.

    Hope you’ll make it in time for the Fanart contest!

  2. Nice drawings!

    I actually just hired someone on Deviantart to do some drawings for me and my book. Just got Crying Kimiko™ this morning and can’t wait to see how it turns out! It’s such a joy to see your favorite characters come to life with a drawing.

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