“Oh, NOW You Noticed, Xia?!”

So Xiahou’s recent sharkin’ of the Official Square-Enix Youtube Channel brought back a momentary interest (and forgotten blog entry) that I made some time after my previous Dissidia post about Shantotto’s voice.  Oh, he hasn’t been keeping up with Dissidia half as much as I have… and he more of a Square-Enix fan than I am (… granted, I didn’t have the gaming systems to collect any of the stuff that he has, lol).

Well, guess what?  I’ve gotten used to it, and you guys are right: Megumi Hayashibara does Shantotto’s voice vey well.  What kept stopping me was her laugh.  Admittedly… I thought her laugh would have been a miniaturized Naga The White Serpent.

(^ ^;)


~ by aerroenu on February 28, 2009.

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