Nutshell: Starcade is a fellow member of Tarutaru Times Online who posted some biting (and rather misanthropic)  entries about how “FFXI is dead” and that its decline is heavily influenced (completely?) by player base, which is full of *ahem!* elitist bastards.  Millionsknives feels that Starcade’s “anti-FFXI (player base)” agenda is detrimental to TTTO’s “bringing together the FFXI blogging community” moniker.

As far as the whole “banning Starcade” bit, I’m with Ringthree on this (even though I’m not following it, lawl):

You are just calling more attention to it.  Ignoring blowhards like that is the best way to make them go away.”

And, in all honesty, all of Starcade’s depressive posts (especially about the horrible, self-centered, arrogant FFXI player base) make me feel a lot better about all the folks I know in FFXI.  I’ve been blessed with (apparently, a small minority) of FFXI friends who don’t follow Starcade’s description of the FFXI player base.  Hell, no one can accuse me of any non-teamwork, elitist, gimme-gimme-1337-gear behavior.  I hardly can get my ass back to knitting – like hell I’d get in back into endgame!!  Not to mention, I am the coworker who supplies the office with hand sanitizers!! *lol*

Yeah, it doesn’t help that Square-Enix designed their wonderful FFXI like it’s an online version of one of their famous RPGs while other MMORPGs are quick and easy “pick up and put down”-ers.  And, yeah, it’s a bummer than FFXI is gonna get dumped on the backburner, but what the hell do you expect?  Every game’s gonna end up like that, anyways!  And, really, it’ll depend on how many friends go over to Rapture before I decide to, also.

But, seriously, you folks!  Lighten up, and don’t worry.  We all have opinions, and my opinion is that you all smell like a bunch of funky pamamas.

… you folks do know I meant that as a joke, right?


Ok, admittedly, I predominantly made this post to post that image. (xD)

… and I want my damn plants to finally bloom!  I wants to harvests themz nowz!! (>.<)


~ by aerroenu on February 20, 2009.

3 Responses to “*sarcasm* ZOMG KICK STARCADE OFF TTTO!! (>=O)”

  1. Starcade, under my WordPress situation here…

    About all I can say is that, if you are right, it is not indicative of the general FFXI community, especially vis-a-vis North American players. Not even close.

  2. Haha, the Akismet spam scanner had made a stop on your comment (wth?! lol), so sorry about the blockage.

    In all seriousness, I kinda feel sorry that you had to experience whatever that’s given you so much hate against the (NA) FFXI base. And, of course, I can’t totally understand why you’re at your extreme spectrum (and you probably can’t understand my benign stance, either, lol). Regardless, dude, bestaru of lucktaru. (=3)

  3. I’m blessed with found memories of the people I’ve met. Sure, I’ve met some people I’d rather not see again, but for the most part I consider myself lucky. I have really great friends and I look forward to playing with them whenever I can.

    Having said that, I really want to see Starcade get kicked off the TTTO. I want to read about people’s adventures and the (positive) experiences, not having my day ruined by a negative person like him.

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