Drawing Progress Report

2009-02-17aI’m more used to drawing with a tablet than I thought I would be.  I thought I’d have difficulty keeping my eyes on the screen instead of watching the tablet… but the only times I do is to make sure I haven’t scratch it too much. (I ended up putting paper over it to give a bit of a buffer.)

This was my first real attempt at drawing with my tablet.  I guess it’s not too bad.  Figured I’d slap on a background, but I think it was totally unnecessary. *lol* I ended up using the “make a mess, then clean up after myself” painting method.  It’s so much easier to deal with than trying to have the magic wand/lasso block out an area. (=p) I don’t remember how long this took me – maybe 3+ hours?  The original’s twice as big as this, but still small compared to standards (again, I draw small *lol*).  I’m glad I’m used to layers – there’s always a sketch layer, a line layer, and color layers. *lol* It’s strange ’cause the program I first learned to use layers… didn’t have layers.  It was a really old Corel PHOTO-PAINT – some 1990s edition that came with a flatbed scanner my dad got me (in retrospect, I don’t understand why since he was so adamant against me drawing).

And that is a metal ear cuff, if anyone’s wondering.  I used to wear those so much during high school.  Too bad I lost one of the nicer-looking ones I had.  Oh, and be prepared to see me draw Tarutaru like that. *lol*

2009-02-17bOriginally, whenever I used to draw, I would try to emulate Tohru Nakayama’s art style and coloring… particularly his coloring style. *lol* Mr. Nakayama’s the artist for the Rockman Zero game series.  Figured I’d give coloring a try, thanks to my handy-dandy new tablet!

… um… it’s nowhere near to Mr. Nakayama’s coloring style, is it?  Granted, I snuck the color schemes off of his work. (xD) But, man, everything looked very 2D… well, it looked like something that would have been an animation… until, during one of the periods I got frustrated at the coloring, I leisurely surfed DeviantArt for more coloring tutorials did I get reminded… of the lovely airbrush feature on Photoshop. orz

Coloring got so much better afterwards. *lol* But I still think it’s a sign that I should give up trying to color like Mr. Nakayama.  Even after 5+ hours working on it (the original’s twice+ the size of this).  Meh. *shrugs, lol* I did learn that my drawing style needs two sketch layers, a “skeleton sketch” and a “defining sketch”.  It actually took less time ’cause, then, I didn’t have to erase sketches lines.  I just keep piling the lines on in progressively darker colors. *lol*

Anyhow, keep an eye out for my attempt at Sorasha’s FFXI Art Meme! *gasp!* *lol* Too bad I can’t find that one Japanese one that had 20-ish items… it looked really cool, too. :(


~ by aerroenu on February 17, 2009.

One Response to “Drawing Progress Report”

  1. Whoa :O! I like your drawing! It’s nice ^_^;

    Keep drawing la!!!

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