Holy Shitaru! (=o)

Yay for another long absence!  Not like anyone missed me, right? (;p)

Well, for one, I’ve taken -yet- another break from FFXI to play the perfect World of Warcraft!… ok, not really.  I’ve taken a break into Perfect World International.  It plays pretty much like WOW except it’s predominantly free.  Like a lot of “free MMORPGs”, you can buy items in their “Item Mall” to “enhance” your gameplay.  I admit, I did pay $9 to get the max inventory stone ’cause (in my defense) there are no quests that enlarge your inventory. (There are for your safe and “pet bag” or “selection of pets”.) The only pain about the game is the camera controls.  It’s absolutely stationary and makes having a mouse necessary for easy control on the camera.

Aren’t I cute? (=D) Yes, my hair’s not blonde.  No, it’s gonna stay “near-black” violet.  Yes, she’s a cleric. *lol* No, I’m usually playing my spikey-white-haired Venomancer.


With a blue penguin to boot! (<3) That, or an Okami-isque wolf. *lol* Xiahou and I are planning to duo our clerics to make them DD-clerics (lolwut?)… ’cause we’re weird and silly like that.  And, Xiahou has a long history with Terren of experimenting with their jobs and playing them the way they’re “not supposed to be played”… effectively. *lol*

Oh, yeah.  I’ve been giving myself some late Christmas presents recently.  Grabbed a of HP Pavilion dv7-1285dx on a “18-month no interest w/ minimum payments” BestBuy credit card plan.  Honestly, this makes this the first time I’ve ever gotten a credit card.  I’m not worried about being tempted to use it… ’cause I’m really not tempted at all. *lol*

Things didn’t stop there.  While on my way to buy a Chinese Knotting book with a Borders’ 30%-off coupon, I spied something I shouldn’t have seen in a section of the store I should never go to: Frozen Desserts, a big, fat, hardcover book  chock-ful of info and recipes… for $60 (egads?!)  I ended up being knotty (haha!) and getting the Chinese Knotting book, anyways… then I decided, for giggles, to check out the price of Frozen Desserts on Amazon.com.  Found it for $37.80 (37% off)!!  Curiousity led me to see what other books the Culinary Institute of America published… to a Chocolates & Confections ($40.95 from $65, also 37% off the original price – ha!).  I ended up going ahead and biting the bullet to get the much-covetted Megaman Zero Official Complete Works ($23.09 from $34.99, 34% off) and Okami Official Complete Works ($26.39 from $39.99, 34% off).  Too bad the photos on Amazon doesn’t show well how the books are flippin’ holographic (and thick)! (xD)

Of course, the real reason I bought the laptop was because of… ya’ll ready, folks?  Sit down for this…


Thanks to the wonder known as Amazon.com and a nagging “I gave you a check to help buy a tablet – when are you gonna do it?” sister, I got a Wacom Bamboo for $62.21, from $69.99, 11% off (though, the official website lists it as $79 (o_O;)).  Yeah, finally, right?  I’ve only had this crazy contraption for 3-4 days, and I’m still amazed that it was easy to get used to.  It’s a handy little feature and the perfect size for me (I draw small).

Hopefully this blog will become trashed with lots of doodles and drawings and signatures soon enough.  I’m still dealing with a “wake up, brush teeth, take shower, eat breakfast on the way to work, work, go home, cook and eat dinner, maybe have a little fun for an hour or two, then go to sleep” work schedule.

I’m boring, I know. *lol*


~ by aerroenu on February 4, 2009.

One Response to “Holy Shitaru! (=o)”

  1. We finally get to see more of your art! XD

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