Jumping on the “Top 10 List” Bandwagon!!

Even though I’m late jumpin’ on the bandwagon. *lol* Started by Elmer, but started by Walrus‘ post, with Wyred’s encouraging it. *lol*

Top 10 Moments in World of Warcraft List!

10. ) Lv. 70 epic flying purple gryphon. (5,000 gold, gah!).

9.) Level 70 human (ew) warlock (huh?!) female.  Without having to do instances for armor.  And Xiahou and I were still kicking asses.

8.) Finally got Robes of the Lich!… 0/31 and twenty levels too late!!  Damn you, Razorfen Downs, but you’re – oh!  So good!

7.) Learned to appreciate FFXI’s /anon and “Invisible Friend List” feature.  So many annoying little brats!!

6.) Getting my Lv. 10 female tauren hunter a Strigid Hunter.  Yes, at Lv. 10, and my second world-traversing Lv. 10 hunter (2007 was my Lv. 10 blood elf hunter and Timber).

5.) Realized that I’d never do end-game stuff because I didn’t know more than 6-7 other folks whom I trusted enough to raid with.

4.) Dancing topless human warrior men of Goldshire in Elwynn Forest (eat your heart out, Chip ‘n Dale).

3b.) Convinced (gullible and hormonal) Matthewb to turn on PVP in the middle of Lake Elune’ara in Moonglade… where Xiahou and a guildmate waited… as a undead and blood elf mage.  30 minutes of fun and death!  Otherwise, Xiahou and I weren’t malicious.  Just mischievous.

3a.) Turned a raid on Undercity into an Alliance and Horde Dance Party.

2.) Quit World of Warcraft due to disenchantment.

1.) Made a stalker… just by changing my character’s name… and never answering his question “why?”. >=)

Top 10 Moments in Final Fantasy XI!

10.) First night back into FFXI, attempted to help a friend with Bastok 9-1.  Proceeded to get owned. *lol*

9.) Added another mule to Bastok… and San d’Oria… and Windurst… to Aerroenu and all the other mules for each city.  Go ahead: count it up.  They each cover a craft. (@.@)

8.) Oh, and each of the new mules has Mog Safe 80, Storage 80, Mog Locker 80… and Inventory 60.  My Lord, was it so much easier now!

7.) NIN40 after over 2 years at NIN38 (now NIN41)!

6.) THF25… after 2 years at THF16? *lol*

5.) Gothic Gauntlets.  And here I was, thinking I’d never get them. (o_O;)

4.) *buff up with “Field of Valor” buffs* *gets level-synced* *lose buffs* *swear not to sleep with Xiahou that night and threatened to go sleep on the futon* *ended up sleeping with him, anyways… because of him and his damn puppy-dog eyes*

3.) Finally finished COP4-2 with the CerebralAssassins after being left behind over 2 years ago by my COP static.  And PLD Xiahou only lost hate… not to the two nukin’ BLM… but to the curing WHM me. *lol*

2.) Got off my ass to start leveling subs… like SCH. *lol*

1.) Returning back to Final Fantasy XI.

Top 10 Moments in Real Life!

##?.) … I’ll get back to you on that.

Really, my life was… rather boring.  Honestly, I didn’t achieve a lot of stuff I wanted to, like finishing a lot of knitting projects.  Namely, though, I didn’t getting back into drawing and getting a tablet.  Tablet-wise, Xiahou’s giving me his old laptop (since he’s got a nice new one), which we’ll be attempting to format in hopes that’ll clean it up.  Pretty much whether I get that tablet is based on whether I’ll have a laptop to go with it.  Well, yeah, I could plug it into a desktop computer, but I’m not willing to lug it around, either!  I usually find myself wanting to draw when I’m not by the desktop computer. *lol* Not to mention, every time I draw, well… I sketch something… and never get back to it.  I lose my interest in it! orz

What about work, though?  Anything extraordinary about that?  Well, not that I can think of.  It’s all become a blur.  True, I’ve been given bigger responsibilities – the position that I was supposed to temporarily be holding hasn’t been relinquished from me, yet.  But, I’m not holding my breath, either.  I’m always doubtful that I will keep it, even though folks praise my work (which, honestly, I don’t understand why I get praised for stuff that I feel is just part of the job).  Yeah, I really can’t think of anything that stands out from my real life.  It’s all become a blur and boring. *lol*

Besides, my energy’s into something else, which you’ll see in the next post.


~ by aerroenu on January 6, 2009.

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