Dissidia – the GREAT Dubbing Debate!…

Ok, not really that great of a debate.  It’s primarily because of what someone who subtitles Dissidia episodes posted:

“Please don’t support the dubbed versions when they’re released.”

This person’s reasoning?

” Based on the company’s past releases, I’m predicting the quality of this game’s dubs. This is particularly relevant in that most of the characters have been poorly translated and dubbed by this company before.

That should make it obvious, then, that I’d rather not financially support that quality of service for folks like you whose priority is understanding. It’d be ideal if people didn’t have to be making the quality vs. understanding choice.”

” They’ve consistantly botched translations and voices in the past. Given that there’s more dialogue in this than in some RPGs released (Crisis Core, for example), I’d say that the characters’ tones, inflections, image and dialogue is extremely important.”

” Because the official English language translations from Squeenix tend to take too many liberties and replace the original voices and all that comes with them.”

“Ignoring that fighting games in general are the most language-incapable-friendly games to be playing and being willing to put a little effort into one’s hobby, it’d be ideal if lisence holders could provide comprehensibility without feeling the need to manhandle the script, story, characters, cinematics and such. Since they feel compelled to do so, I feel compelled to encourage others not to support poor services.

It’s the same as not wanting the little adwares and such on some programs.”

This guy’s obviously one of those biased otaku (we’ll ignore that he lives in Japan).  I used to be somewhat like that years ago when dubbing was in its infantile stage.  I didn’t go around telling people not to support the dubbed version, though.  I simply had a preference to the Japanese dub over the English dub.

I definitely don’t agree with this dude’s stance to “not support the local dubbing”.  Simply put, if a business was not doing well overseas… you see where I’m getting at.  The dude fails to realize that by supporting a branch of Square-Enix (for some of us, that’s the American branch of Square-Enix), we are inevitably supporting Square-Enix.  It’s a bit oxymoronic of him to attempt to discourage people from supporting the local dubbing.

Plus, whether one wants to acknowledge it or not, Square-Enix has been improving the quality of their products.  I personally adore the dubbing they did for Final Fantasy IV on the Nintendo DS.  And, yes, I’ve heard the Japanese version, to which, I feel, there’s little distinction between the two other than language.  Also, Crisis Core’s dubbing is just as good.  Sure, I haven’t heard a ton of the Japanese version, but you won’t hear me running around screaming “ZOMG, Zack soundz gayzors!!”.  I happen to like Zack’s voice.

Really, the only thing that has me worried is how they’ll be dubbing Shantotto… ’cause, I’ll be honest, the only times that the Japanese voice actress fits my mental image of Shantotto is when she gets hit and does her “Areeeee?!” scream!! *lol* Plus, her laugh’s kinda… weak for a Shantotto laugh, don’t you think?  Also, in the English world, “cutesy, cuddly, high-pitched voices” isn’t common enough without the rough “annoyance” and “obnoxious” edge.

Regardless… I’ll be waiting for the English version of this game.  Sure, even though the PSP’s got no region-code and Dissidia’s officially 5800¥/ 6090¥, I’m not “that hardcore” to waste over $58-60 (before shipping and handling) for a game I probably would be too distracted to play, anyways. *lol* But, my God, am I excited about this game as much as Bayonetta!… ok, admittedly, moreso because – come on!  Who has not wanted to see a Tarutaru in a fighting game? *lol*


~ by aerroenu on January 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “Dissidia – the GREAT Dubbing Debate!…”

  1. I’m not too interested in the Dissidia stuff, but I did pick up SE’s Infinit Undiscovery. Simply put the dubbing on IU is damn HILARIOUS. And they have this old like 70 yeard old ninja with a british accent. If I smoked weed I would prolly play the game a lot more.

    Anywaysssss. I know the dubbing in IU could have been a lot better. It seemed like it was low on their priority list.

  2. From what I can understand from Shantotto’s standpoint (and Moggie’s very limited knowledge of Japanese), a lot of what Shantotto says in in the JP version of Dissidia doesn’t seem to rhyme. I’m not sure if that’s the case in the JP script in FFXI. D:

    The thing that really pains me about voice acting (especially in a fighting game) are mostly the extra sound effects for getting hit, hitting someone, announcing the move they’re gonna do, etc. Take Tales of Symphonia for example: everyone sounds really weird when they announce what move they’re gonna do, mainly because that’s not really something you’d hear a lot in English media so it just feels really off. I think a good contrast would be Street Fighter (Japanese made) and Mortal Kombat (American made). Like, Ryu always says “Hadouken” yet Sub-Zero never says anything when he throws out his ice ball. Just something that’s different between both American and Japanese cultures.

    But on that note, I’m most interested in hearing Kefka, Shantotto and Warrior of Light… but I’m just saying WoL because he’s my 2nd Main (with Shantotto being my first). :3 I can’t wait for the US release because quite frankly… I’m getting kinda annoyed at trying to Shantotto’s Unique Weapons and having to fub through translation pages to figure out the materials.

    Trivia Note: Shantotto’s 3 Unique Weapons: Jupiter’s Staff (50), Laevateinn (I think 98?), and Claustrum (100). You need to get the unique weapon previous to it to make the next tier (except for Jupiter’s Staff, that just requires a generic weapon + materials).

  3. In the JP versions, Taru’s do not rhyme… is what I’m told. I’ve personally found the rhyming to be annoying to read in the NA version. Always have… always will.

    Megumi Hayashibare is one of the perfect voices for Shantotto. I bet she voiced her role as Shantotto very similarly to Lina Inverse

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