Is it Bluetail or BlueFIN?

I’m an occasional fish eater.  I’m one of the picky folks who only eats fish if it’s prepared a certain way.  I happen to like tuna sushi; worse case scenarios, I like tuna sashimi… dipped with some soy sauce.  Yum! (=d)

I’m a proud owner of Happy Feet, and I remember seeing a little guide to Seafood WATCH.  I never gave it much regard until I noticed that I was hankering for sushi… particularly tuna sushi a lot.

And bluefin tuna is being threatened by overfishing.

Maybe I’ll bring that up to the restaurant manager of my favorite local Japanese restaurant. *lol*

Anyhow, FFXI update: while getting my RDM from 60 to 61 (so I can level her towards 75 in campaign)… I got the Gothic Gauntlets? (o.O) Usually, when I see new gear, I look at it with the thought that I’ll never get that.  Looks like now I’ll have to haunt Behemoth’s Dominion for a little bit.

Oh, and I did get RDM61.  Wootaru!


~ by aerroenu on December 18, 2008.

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