Random Moment and My Latest Obsession(s)

Tonight, while I was staring at my BF’s computer screen bored out of my mind and trying to figure out what to do… I suddenly started crying?!  I dunno what prompted it – I was suddenly crying!! (o_O;)

Honestly, I haven’t been doing as much as I would have liked in FFXI.  Y’know, work and all and – baking?  Yeah, I’m wanting to bake cookies to give to all of my coworkers for Christmas.  It’s nice that it’s not as many folks as it was 3-4 months ago… but that just means we all have to work more and harder. (=p) I have been working on making a “green tea sponge cake” as a birthday cake for my assistant manager.  Still freaks me out how I used to hate her so much… anyhow, I’ll try to remember to take a photo of it when I’m done… /fear.

Random thought: edible flowers weird me out.

Do have to  say, though, I’m intrigued by the new December 2008 updates they’ve done.  I was initially scared out of my wits when they introduced treasure caskets.  I was thinking, “Oh, great, you mean it’s going to be like those random objects in WOW?! (>.<)”  Gladdy to see those things can only be opened by whoever kills the mob.  If you folks think mob-stealing in FFXI is bad, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!  Even if you’re in the process of opening a treasure chest, people in WOW will still run up to it and try to open it before you… which usually doesn’t happen unless they have some hack out there that makes them open it faster than you. (=p)

Definitely looking forward to the Fields of Valor.  I have so many sub-jobs to level *coughsTHFneedFLEEcough*, and I certainly lack the time and patience to bother trying to EXP.  And more than likely, my BF will be tagging along all level synced.  Yay for level sync!… ’cause over 80% of my jobs are below sub-job level… and 75% of my BF’s jobs are higher than mine. (-_-;)

I just hope to buckle down and concentrate on one job to level extensively.  Originally was working on NIN for a bit… but wanted to level THF for flee… but tried to duo one of the Wings of the Goddess quests (Perils of the Griffon) with my BF’s DRG75 on my RDM60… read: fail!! We’re currently 0/4 from DRG75/RDM37 + WHM75/BLM37, DRG75/SAM37 + RDM60/BLM30 x2, and PLD75/RDM37 + WHM75/BLM37 .  We always got to the Orcish Turrent, but we always ran out of time because of wipes (on my RDM60, anyhow.  No MP and bad pulls) and, eventually, not enough damage.  We’re gonna try it one more time PLD75/WAR37 + WHM75/BLM.  We actually got that stupid Turrent down to 70% before we ran out of time – the best we’ve done.  We’ve got the whole “damage mitigation” down.  We just need to be able to be the snot out of that *incoherent* Orc.

Anyhow, that fiasco on RDM has made me want to level it…  I might as well, anyways: it’s at 60.  Would give me another Lv. 75 job I could use other than WHM.  And NIN41, anyhow! *lol* … and I probably need all of those campaign notes, anyhow. *lol* Maybe I’ll buy some of that armor for all of my other jobs.  Heh, like my mules need more junk to hold.  Poor things.

… but before any of that, I need to get over my PS2 obsession: Warriors Orochi 2.  Thank goodness my BF and I already did a few little things on Warriors Orochi.  W-Orochi 2 takes some data from its prequel and takes care of stuff like abilities you’ve unlocked in W-Orochi 1.  We pretty much have everything unlocked except Orochi X.  The only thing stopping us is leveling proefficiencies to over 2650-ish.  Each level of proefficiency is 500 peons or 5 officers.  Ouch.  It’s tedious, but we found stages where we like to plow through.  Not to mention, we’ve got everyone’s 4th weapon and all the abilities available.  We’ve also been putting any EXP leftover from weapons onto random characters.  So, everyone’s a monster in easy mode, heh-heh.

I think I’mma stop here.  Sometimes I feel like I’m on a pendulum where I sway from a knitting nut to a drawing nut and back and forth and back and forth… (o_O;)


~ by aerroenu on December 14, 2008.

3 Responses to “Random Moment and My Latest Obsession(s)”

  1. Yeah, I really like how they’ve implemented treasure caskets so far in the game. Granted I haven’t yet seen anything good drop from them, but the temp items do make farming a lot easier. I can only imagine how much simpler XP’ing at low levels has become because of this.

  2. maybe you came across his african midget fetish of porn stash!
    were you like cryhing happy tears, or sad tears? maybe it was kinda built up or something, over past drama stuffs.
    I haven’t cried in Years, im afraid when i get to that point I wont be able to stop lol

  3. When you cry, it eventually dries up… ’cause we’re only 70% water. (;p)

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