So, Square-Enix Patches Up a Duplication Glitch…

But before I get into that… leveling NIN41 (from 38 earlier this week).  I’m an expensive, “elemental wheel”-spamming NIN. (xD) Good thing I have characters who can HQ craft most of the NIN tools I need, but I still need to spend a week crafting for gil or leveling up crafts on other characters… and mog lockers. *lol*

Anyhow, to the whole “Duplication Glitch Exploit”.  Apparently it’s been going on that several folks have been exploiting a glitch that not only duplicated items dropped from Salvage, Assaults, and certain HNM introduced with WotG.  The glitch would make up to three copies of items.  It’s amazing to see the moral distribution of the FFXI playbase.  Not to mention, it’s also amazing to see who says what on an episode like this.

For starters, it’s amazing at how… “sad” some folks are.  I’m tempted to hunt down names on the list to find out who to not associate myself with.  Quoting the one post that summarizes all the “whining” from the BlueGarter Thread:

Quoting Ghikque:
“lol. the people who should/deserved to know, knew. Those that didn’t, didn’t. It’s as simple as that. It was kept quiet so to keep the high and mighty people who deemed this sort of behaviour as “inappropriate” from reporting it in mass scale and ruining it for those of us who enjoyed gaining our just rewards. Do Salvage 4-7 times a week for a year, complete a whopping piss poor 2-3 pieces and then come back with your Q.Q’ing.”

My feelings about this?  I think Omniyoji‘s quoting of Soracloud on Ramuh summarizes it best:

Quoting Omniyoji’s Quoting Soracloud on Ramuh:
“This whole thing has shown me just how many scumbags there are in FFXI and how they are willing to cheat at the drop of a hat with not a care in the world.

On the other hand, especially in this thread, I am seeing there are morally just people in FFXI.  People just like me, filled with anger, clenching fists and gnashing teeth.”

Though, one thing Evilpaul noted does make me wonder…

Quoting Evilpaul:
SE had to know about the problem to emergency patch it, obviously. I wonder how long they’ve known a”nd if they were watching who was exploiting it? Salvage is quite popular, but only a handful of LSes on each server even touch Sandworm. Did SE watch for a week or so and take down some names? I don’t know, but SE may have a surprise for some people around Christmas next month. ”

Much hilarity would insue, I’m sure.


~ by aerroenu on November 27, 2008.

5 Responses to “So, Square-Enix Patches Up a Duplication Glitch…”

  1. There’s going to have to be a real discussion about the future of Salvage and end-game by the Special Task Force, by the time this is all over.

    It’s clear that certainly hundreds and probably thousands of characters have probably exploited this. Game balance of Salvage has been irretrievably destroyed in the favor these bleeping cheaters.

    Every character (I don’t care if it’s 10,000 of them…) who knew of the exploit and used it has be banned.

  2. Thanks for the plugin Aerroenu. You should be getting your cheque for $1,000.00 in the mail in about a ~week. :D

    Gratz on NIN41 btw

  3. Agreed, and honestly I cannot see how SE cannot ban-hammer people over this. This exploit calls into doubt the legitimacy of nearly every piece of salvage gear to date.

  4. Exactly, Kimiko. And you said it right — nearly _every piece of Salvage gear_! One has to wonder if the possibility might not exist that they might have to completely reconsider continuing Salvage at all, given the absolute game imbalance the player community has fermented over the last several months there.

  5. If SE keep banning, then FFXI will be no more soon. =(

    tbh, I think people should stop caring and… and… idk. Let’s just say I told one of my prof about this game, then he lol’d.

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