Thoughts on the Vana’diel Festival 2008 Released Details

Starting with the Scenario 1 post thru Scenario 2 and ending with other thoughts…

New Starlight Celebration Item: the bell weapon… I am very intrigued by this and hope that included noises like the moggle wand, something I wish I were able to get.  Of course, I’m not going to spend several odd hundred dollars for it. *lol*

The Mysterious Young Beauty: … oh, huh, what?  Sorry, I was distracted… *distracted, again*

Moblin Maze Mongers: this came as a shock for me.  The idea of a user-created maze that gave a ridiculous array of rewards?   Another chance for EXP, skill-ups, and… crafting skill-ups?!  Ok, I have some misgivings about “using the mazes to level up crafting”.  I wonder how it will affect the economy of the game.  What’s going to take care of all the “gil sinks” invested in buying supplies to level with?  While that’s a concern of mine, it is small enough that it doesn’t worry me as much as it makes me curious.

I must say, though… the eye patch?  About time.  And I know someone on whom it will look the most appropriate… *looks at Xiahou*

Fields of Valor: another curveball of sorts from Square-Enix for me.  I really don’t know what to think of this.  Maybe it has surprised me so much I’m stunned! *lol*

Scholar Group 2 Merits: unforunately, SCH is not one of the jobs I have locked onto leveling (even though ideally I should to sub on WHM).  For anyone who wonders, I’ve taken a break from working on DNC to work on… NIN?  Anyhow, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to level SCH… along with the eighteen other jobs I want to level (yes, folks, there’s twenty possible jobs in this game!),

Men’s Wedding Formal: about.  Flippin’.  Time! I don’t care that it’s a rehash of the COR AF (which is hawt, anyways).  It’s about time the men also had their fun on their wedding!… it doesn’t help that it looks sexy as all hell.  Guess it’s a good thing that I’m waiting to get married (pun intended). (;p) I now have some really crazy ideas now that these suits are finally being introduced into FFXI… though, I admit… something about the boots bothers me a little… but just a little.

Glory Crown: … /sigh.  I still have a long way to go before I can really say anything… other than I hate how I look with a crown. *lol*

Tidal Talisman Prototype: I sorely regret not getting this item.  But I absolutely do not regret Mr. Tanaka trashing the prototype! (@.@) It seems “too much”… maybe it’s the stripes that did it.  No, it definitely is the stripes.  He should try getting rid of the gray stripes.  I think it would look loads better otherwise.  And maybe make that hip scarf the same… purple shades as the collar.

Closing Thoughts

This is something that I briefly discussed with an acquaintence after the level synch update, and I loosely quote:

Now they’ve made FFXI way too easy for people.  More idiots will be playing now.

I cannot agree with this; at least, not the context it was stated in.  Let’s get it straight that there will always be idiots, no matter what you do.  I am more confident that FFXI will not degrade to the level of accessibility as World of Warcraft. (Unlike FFXI, WOW is not as interactive or community-based.) From a business perspective, I can understand them making this move: it opens the game out to a wider market of people.  This actually is good for both the company and players.  Why?  Because not all of us can be elitist who have spare time lying all over the place. *refrains from making a biting comment*

From my personal perspective, I love FFXI.  It was my first real MMORPG where I had to pay monthly.  It was solid enough that I continued to pay for it, even when I wasn’t playing.  Aside from the three-month-deletion-period, there were times that I forgot to cancel my subscription… and merely shrugged it off.  Even before then, I used to be a “hardcore” FFXI player.  I was able to play this game all day if I wanted to.

Now, I have settled to a simple “casual” FFXI player.  I work and fend for myself in the form of paying rent, bills, and groceries.  While I miss playing FFXI as often as I used to, I have my priorities set so that I take care of more important (read: threatening!!) things than camping some HNM.  With all these moves that Square-Enix has made to make gameplay easier and more relaxing, I appreciate it.  Yes, I understand the whole, “What?!  I worked my [butt] off to do this, and now anyone can do it with no effort?!”  I would definitely feel the sting if I were still “hardcore”.  But, now, no – I’m hardly fazed by it.

In a selfish way, I am glad that Square-Enix is making my favorite game easier for me to play.  I thank them for these incredible surprises (late or unexpected) that they are giving me.


~ by aerroenu on November 23, 2008.

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