An Epiphany About Drawing

Over the course of the last couple of months, I’ve had some realizations about drawing.  Yeah, besides being distracted by Final Fantasy XI.  Too bad no automated crafting like in World of Warcraft ’cause -oh, boy!- would I be drawing while crafting. *lol* Funny thing, tho – I never got even half as many urges to do WOW fanart versus FFXI fanart. (o_O)

Anyhow, back on topic, I realized some additional stuff about me drawing:

  • the best term to describe me is not an artist but a hobby artist, and
  • I don’t draw because I’m not listening to music while drawing.

While growing up, it became a habit of me to be listening to music while I draw.  I never realized that it’s not necessarily the “seating arrangements” or the “lack of a desk” that’s part of the problem as I originally thought.  Music was often what helped me set the mood for whatever I was drawing (which porbably explains the insane amount of video game soundtracks I have).

I’ve also found myself having little patience to get past sketching.  I have a ton of stuff I’ve sketched, but, with me still using traditional paper and pencil (and pen) mediums, it takes more time than I’m willing to deal with.  To solve this dilemma (and, boy, would I really love to), I originially planned to buy a laptop like Xiahou and also a drawing tablet so that I could work on drawing whenever I’m doing laundry.  The laptop would also save my back so that I don’t have to carry folders of printouts of all my references (and inspirations).

Sadly, this dream will have to be set on the backburner (along with a few other web-by things).  With me working and planning to go back to school come 2009, I will barely be able to afford those luxuries anytime soon.  Let’s not forget rent and groceries and bills! (;;orz)  More than likely, I’ll be making little deposits into another account (or do some bookkeeping) to make sure that I have enough to buy a laptop and the tablet.  I’m not privy to the idea of using credit cards (I’ve always been deathly afraid of them even in my teeny years).  Maybe I might give in to one like BestBuy’s “no interest for two years” deal, but even then, I’d be making monthly payments regardless! *lol*

On the bright side, I don’t think I’ve lost my touch.  I’ve recently sketched some stuff to paste onto a FFXI meme from Deviantart.  There was once a “FFXI meme” of sorts on the Japanese side of the web, but I can’t remember if the list was 25, 50, or… something.  But, it was a list of FFXI-related stuff to draw.  Oh, well.  I wanted to draw a few stuff for that, too.  Maybe I have a copy of the link and pages on my computer… which I need to buy updated parts for, too. (>.<) /sigh.

Well, yay.


~ by aerroenu on November 16, 2008.

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