Bayonetta is…

Well, let’s get a few things straight:

  • I’m a gamer girl.
  • I’m a casual gamer (remember that).
  • I enjoy playing puzzle games, RPGs, most light gun games (House of the Dead, anyone?), and some action games (Dynasty Warriors, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, etc.).
  • I don’t touch action games like Halo, Gears of War, etc., anything with a lot of gore or “military-like gameplay”.  I also get the worst case of motion sickness watching people play those games (yeah, I know *lol*).
  • Video games with sexual appeal towards men?  You’ll either see me raise an eyebrow, make comments on either the unnatural or impractical nature of the outfits (Hilde is cute, BTW), or nothing at all.
  • Video games with sexual appeal towards women?  Wait, do they even exist?  Wut? *lol* I’d probably gag at how raunchy they would be.

That being said, Bayonetta is probably something I would get when Xiahou and I get ourselves an X-box360.

Background story: Bayonetta is a witch endowed with mastery of arms – it was revealed in Electronic Gaming Monthly, Sep. 2008, that she can use other weapons like a katana.  Her hair serves as a medium to summon gigantic, demonic (and random) demonic dragon, fist, and boot into the fray.  Incidentally enough, her “leather-like” clothing is really her hair, which means the more of her hair she uses, the more of her skin you see – oo, lala.  Throughout the game, she is tailed by a man named Luka/Luca (ZOMGit’sSNAPElol) who, deducing from their conversation in the second trailer, is after Bayonetta for the death of his father.  Why are her enemies these angelic creatures – your guess is as good as mine other than the sound of the “hardcore” Christian screaming, “Blasphemy!”.

Smells like ass-kicking, doesn’t it?  But, wait! There’s more!

This is where I felt the “fun & wow” factor crank up to max.  I hardly noticed any “sluttiness” of the main character (Bayonetta) (I was doing a “WTF?” laugh at the, um… crotch shot).  Really, she comes off as very classy.  Versus Lara Croft, the biggest femme fatale star of video games, well… Croft was rather… “I have a hot bod, but I’m too busy looking for treasure”.  Bayonetta, well: “I know I’m sexy, and I’ll kick your ass.”

Trivia: Bayonetta is originally dubbed… in English.  If you get your hands on the second trailer version released in Japan, there are Japanese subtitles.  Also, I did not know that director Hideki Kamiya… worked on my favorite game, Okami.  For some odd reason, Bayonetta reminds me of the anime Grenadier: the Soldier of Smiles.

After realizing that I actually love action games after watching these trailers, I’m totally getting this.  This game looks fun(ny) as hell, and I wanna play.


~ by aerroenu on November 11, 2008.

One Response to “Bayonetta is…”

  1. :3 My girlfriend Liseth has been keeping an eye on this game for awhile too and she’s a casual gamer (unlike me @_@;).

    Hmm… Though to be really honest… I mean aside from hot babe with guns on all 4 of her limbs… I wonder how good it is, especially since Kamiya is working on it.

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